Sometimes I get strange requests as a witch. Pretty much every week someone writes to me because they want to become a werewolf/mermaid/vampire (not all three at once) and at least once a week a man writes to me who wants to become a woman who is sexy and has big breasts (why always sexy? why always big breasts?). I’m not talking about those requests because I’ve been getting them for years.

Recently I’ve been getting requests to kill people. I’ve had them occasionally in the almost 12 years I’ve been doing this online but they have always been from men and usually having to do with a rival in business but once or twice in love. In the past year however I’ve gotten requests from women to kill people.

This stands out to me because in all the years I’ve done this that has never happened. Imagine my shock when I got the first request. But then shortly thereafter, a second, a third, a fourth! What is going on, ladies? Are women becoming cold-blooded killers?

It has to be stated that I will not cast a spell to physically or otherwise HARM another. You cannot trick me into doing this. If I knew spells to harm people i would never use them. The truth is as deeply as I believe in magick such curses and hexes only work if the person they are cast upon BELIEVES that they work.

As a Buddhist I am a pacifist. I do not believe in killing for any reason. I am stunned that I have had to write to women and tell them this. No, I will not cast a spell to kill the woman who is pregnant with your husband/boyfriend’s baby. I will not cast a spell to kill the woman that your husband/boyfriend is having an affair with.

What truly disturbs me is how misplaced such anger is. Why would you want to kill the woman? Is she really the problem here? Isn’t it the man? I’m asking this rhetorically, of course it is the man’s fault!

So for future reference to potential lady-killers (and all killers) out there. I’m not the right one to exact your murderous revenge. And whoa, people, get some professional help!


Magick Time


It bears repeating that magick is not instant. It is one of the most complicated parts of spellcasting for my clients to deal with. They want that “Bewitched” instant magick, that Hollywood movie magic, where the spell is cast and instantly everything takes shape and they all lived happily ever after.

But that’s in the movies and on TV and not real life. In real life, anything worth having takes time, even when using spells to motivate and inspire and move things along. You can’t run over time, it is the great equalizer.You have to give time its due.

Magick will work when it works – especially in complicated situations involving multiple people and states of free will. You can use magick to influence, even coerce to a point but not to control. I had a client who thought that a spell was mind-control over her person of desire. That is simply never the case because magick works according to natural law and free will is part of natural law.

When you have a spell cast the last thing you need to be thinking about is hurry, hurry, time is running out, it has to be now! There is no way to control this, so you will only exasperate yourself.

The best thing to do is have your spell cast and then just go on with whatever it is that you do. The world and Universe will not stop because a spell was cast and neither should you. You aren;t really “waiting” for the spell to manifest. It’s that the spell manifests when it is able to, when obstacles have been overcome, when the path to your desires is clear and then the spell will manifest.

Don’t wait for it. Trust it. Your faith above all else is the power it needs.

Give it time.

After all…


Sometimes it seems like whenever I get the slightest calm in my life everything else around me goes straight to hell! Especially things that I cannot control or influence, like what has been happening lately in Ukraine with Russia. I know many of my clients think about similar things, is it going to be like that movie Red Dawn back in the 80’s? The one with Patrick Swayze not the remake, though it had a younger Chris Hemsworth in it which was A-OK with me!)

The short answer is: we cannot possibly know what will happen in the world around us but the better our own lives are, the more capable we are to weather which way the winds of change are blowing.

The long answer is: get your own stuff together kids! Do whatever is necessary to be in the best place you can be no matter what is happening in the world around you, even if it is half a world away, it all has energetic influence on us. So now is the time to start thinking about what you need in your life to make it better – to sort out a love issue, to get closer to your family, to give extra time to your children, to find some time for yourself. It can be as simple as getting your hair cut or playing a pick-up game of basketball – whatever makes you happy and brings you a few moments of peace and joy.

Or perhaps you need more – take that vacation you have always wanted to take if you can afford to do it now, stop putting your life on the back burner. You deserve what’s good now, what you need to make you happy now.

You can change whatever you want to change or need to change – RIGHT NOW! No matter what is happening in the world, you are still in control of your life and can make it the life you desire. Trust me, i know these  things.

After all, I am a witch.

Know When to Let Go


Magick can and will change your life. It certainly has for me and every single day I thank the Goddess for weaving her magick into and through me. But sometimes it’s better to know when to let go of a situation (or a person) than to keep on because the situation could be causing you energetic harm.

I’m speaking only of situations that take a turn into true negativity in the sense that it begins to take an emotional (or even physical) toll on you.

How do you know when to let go?

Here are some guidelines:

1. When the situation you are in becomes so convoluted (too many players, too many obstacles, too many issues to focus on) you need to figure out what you can let go of and what you can keep in order to focus your will and intention to the maximum degree.

2. When a situation (or person) causes you harm. By harm I mean physical injury, if they threaten you with physical harm, if they threaten those you care about with physical harm, anything remotely like this is cause for alarm. You do not need to be in a potentially life-threatening situation – ever. There is no fixing this on your end, please understand that and there is no way through magick to protect yourself from someone who wants to physically cause you bodily harm.

3. When a situation (or a person) causes you emotional harm. If you are emotionally traumatized you will know it by how you react to others (friends and family), by crying, feeling depressed, losing your joie de vivre. This is a dangerous place to be as well as the situation or person who threatens you with physical harm. The scars here may not be immediately evident but they are there and you will need help to let go.

4. When love is not love but obsession. When you love someone so much that you cannot think about anything else or do anything else, you are not in love, you are obsessed. We have discussed before that obsession derails magick, I have had clients ruin their own workings by not being patient and allowing the spell to work (and by impatient I mean they cannot wait even a few days!) because they are obsessed and this powerful force destroys all in its wake. Love is nurturing. Obsession is selfish. Love is a positive force. Obsession is negative force applied to get what you want and nothing more. When you are dealing with love a little obsession is required otherwise love would never happen – I am not talking about the emotions of falling in love, of being “lovestruck” but the kind of obsession that can result in being emotionally overwrought and losing all logic.

5. Know when to have a last ditch effort. This is part of letting go. Tenacity can be admirable but you have to know that sometimes things must end and that includes the energy you put into something that goes nowhere. Or perhaps it does go somewhere and then nowhere again, back and forth, seesawing through your life. Put a finish on it and call it a day. Liberate yourself from any kind of situation (or person) who plays games with your emotions and life.

Finding Magick

I recently had a consultation with a client who assured me that although they were contacting me about casting a spell, they were skeptical that it would even work.

I understand being skeptical about magick, for a layperson who is not educated int he ways of how spells work, it is an entirely new world. A certain amount of healthy skepticism is natural, even recommended. Use that inquisitiveness to investigate your caster and to do some research on what they discuss with you about your case.

But belief in magick is paramount to believing that a spell will work for you at all. If you come to me and tell me that you are skeptical that a spell will work for you or that you are skeptical about magick in general I will tell you to not bother purchasing a spell. I am not here to convince you of your fundamental beliefs, I am here to cast spells to help those who believe that spells and magick can help them to achieve their desires.

I am not a witchcraft evangelist. I’m not going to ask you to sign-up and join a coven. I’m not going to recommend that you become a pagan or witch or begin lighting candles constantly for every last thing. You come to me and have a need to change in your life and I will help you with spells that will use your focused will and intention to affect change. What your system of beliefs is, is entirely up to you – however it will help greatly if you believe in magick.

Because if you do, I promise you – you will find it.

Winter in Florida


It is too cold right now for me to cast outside. For most people in the US, they would say of course it is cold – it’s winter! Well I live in central Florida my dears and usually our winter is pretty pleasant. Not quite as warm as when I lived in South Florida, but reasonable enough that I could still cast outside.

Last night I had to be by the window with a mug of hot chocolate, staring at the moon while I lit my altar candles. It was even cold near the window!

I bundled up in my blanket-y sweater, put on fuzzy socks and thanked the Goddess that the heat finally kicked on (after a strange smell – I think there might have been some leaves stuck in the vents).

The heat is still running right now and it is 29 degrees outside. Everything that was green is now brown and dead. I worry for the woodland creatures and feral cats and dogs.

At least yesterday was a beautiful sunny day even though it was very cold.

At one point after I read about the hard freeze warning I also read there could even be snow!

12 Years a Slave


I rarely comment on non-witchy topics on this blog but I had to mention that I recently saw the film, “12 Years a Slave” starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender (with Brad Pitt in a small but memorable role) and directed by Brit Steve McQueen. It was one of the most affecting films about slavery I have ever seen and is perhaps the definitive film on slavery in America. It was painful to watch the story of Solomon Northup, a free black man who is abducted from a trip to Washington DC and wrongfully sold into slavery in Louisiana.


Each scene is like a splash of cold water in the face, especially in contrast to the beautiful natural environments which are captured in bucolic splendor. The brutality and savagery of slavery seems deeply personal from this one characters unique perspective, because like us, he was born a free man and never had any idea what life as a slave could possibly be like.

After watching this film, I realized I never had any idea either. This film should be required watching in schools like we had to watch “The Sorrow & the Pity” to learn about the Holocaust. Without such a film depicting the way events unfolded (taken from the book of the same name written by Solomon Northup in 1854 after he was liberated) there is no real way to understand or comprehend slavery in America. It has (to put it mildly) been white-washed from our history.


Everything is all right now, we have a black President. We love Beyoncé. The Kardashians have their TV show and Kim has Kanye and North West. Everything is totally cool, right?

But then there is Paula Deen. Remember what she said? And the patriarch from Duck Dynasty? Racism is still alive and well in this country.

Everything is NOT all right.

Every person in this country who thinks they know the history of slavery should see this film because trust me, you do NOT know anything about slavery.

The Light in Winter

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I’ve lived in Florida a long time. So long that it’s hard for me to recall winter, all the snow, the freezing cold temps in the morning when you get in the tingling cold front seat of the car, how long it takes the heater to kick in, the layers upon layers of clothes (I had to unwrap myself after the long walk to school when I was in college, eventually I became so hearty I just wore a sweater, jean jacket and big scarf, ah youth!) to keep warm,; for over 20 years that has been nothing but a memory.

I miss the coziness of Winter. The fire in the fireplace in my parents house. My mother still offering hot chocolate with mini marshmallows like I was seven years old. Snugly socks and a big throw to keep warm while watching TV. Winter and Christmas – well there’s a perfect match of course. Food tastes better cooked forever, hearty stews and soups and Winter was for my mother, the season of baking.

Being a witch is really a seasonal deal. We abide by the seasons and focus on the “Wheel of the Year” through the sabbats we celebrate. Here in Florida, that covers us fairly well until Fall, though the leaves here do not change we have a kind of Autumn. But there is no Winter. Certainly here in Ocala it does get very cold (not like in South Florida), sometimes dropping into the 30’s and you do need boots and gloves and a coat and I have a plush throw and quilt on my bed. But there is no real Winter. While it snows in the North, the sun shines here in the South.

At night however when it gets cold I do celebrate my memories of Winter by lighting a fire in the fire-pit to assist in my casting. That is my favorite part of casting outside in the cold months (though they are short here in Florida). I build a beautiful little fire and settle in my chair outside with my cushy blanket, a cup of hot tea and everything I need to make magick, which is somewhat gilding the lily since in the cold, by the light of the fire sparking in the night, it’s already magick.

Best of 2013


2013 was not the best year for me by many accounts. I struggled for half the year with health issues, romantically overwrought situations and a roller-coaster of an economy. It’s no lie that I am more than happy to bid farewell to 2013, sad that such a great year (the 13th of 2000) produced a string of calamities.

All was not lost this year however and Id like to share some positive and happy things from the past 12 months:

1. OBAMACARE – it may have its detractors but not for this witch. This is the first time that I have health insurance in 14 years. When I was able to sign-up and pay my first months premium it was one of the best days ever. Hopefully with my health insurance I can now look into all of the things I had put off because the cost of healthcare was so monstrous. Thank Goddess for the Affordable Care Act.

2. MY MOTHER – always a remarkable woman and friend, she really rose to the occasion as a caregiver when I needed her most. She changed everything in her life to care for me at the age of 69 and she took over all household duties as I have convalesced. She really rallied and has not only kept my spirits up and kept me laughing, shes also made some pretty yummy salads and helped me stick to my low-carb and sugar-free eating plan. Yay Mom!

3. MY BROTHER – he really helped around the house when I was first in the hospital and that got things going for us in very positive organizational ways. He also helped when things were at their most dire and showed a great deal of care and concern. My sister-in-law helped out too when we got in a fender-bender in a doctors parking lot and it was much appreciated.

4. MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS – they kept me laughing and feeling good through some dark times this year.Thank Goddess for Vanessa, Suzanne & Kelly, Ditas, Christine, Eddie Foo, Coral, Jon, Angela & Terry B. I am so lucky to have many clients who became friends and now are like family to me.

5. BIG BANG THEORY & MODERN FAMILY – being able to watch the entire catalogs of these two TV shows kept me amused and happy. I thank the Goddess for the brilliant writers out there who made me care about geeks and disparate dysfunctional family members with equal fervor.

6. JANE AUSTEN –  in the hospital and afterwards I watched every version of Pride & Prejudice there was (several times) and re-read the book on my kindle. It helped me to see such a beautiful time and place and know that love still wins the day.

7. MY KITTY – she is my faithful kuddle kitty. She is beside me as I write this. (and Timmon is here in spirit too.)

8. DON CHEPE’S – the best Latin American food I have ever had. We get it all the time and though it is somewhat carb heavy (and I have to be careful) it is beyond the beyond. The arepas are my favorite and the El Salvadoran tamales. Oh and everything else. Dear Lord.

9. COOKBOOKS – even though my eating plan has changed  I still love to read cookbooks (and as soon as I am able to get back to the kitchen I plan on cooking up a storm) and they keep me very entertained. I have read and re-read CANAL HOUSE COOKS EVERYDAY and just got their newest Italian cookbook called PRONTO. I have hundreds of cookbooks in my library but I constantly re-read my favorites. Check out my list at Good Reads.

10. PINTEREST – I have 24 boards and almost 12,000 pins. Because I cannot stop pinning things. My favorite boards are the food ones (I now have a diabetic food board) and the witchy ones of course. Join me there and keep up with the madness. I love to follow my friends and clients.

11. SMASH BOOKS – I took a wee break from smash-booking but I am ready to get back in the groove again. This is the journalling form of scrapbooking and a perfect way to creatively log your memories and everyday thoughts. They go nicely with all my books of shadows.

12. SUGAR-FREE OREO’S – all sugar-free cookies (and candy and other desserts too) rock my world but to be able to enjoy oreo’s without affecting my blood-sugar is almost holy to me. Since I am limited to keeping a sugar-free lifestyle any triumph like oreo’s and really good sugar-free candy makes it worthwhile.

13. DREAMFIELD’S PASTA – this is true low-card pasta at only 190 calories and 5 carbs per serving. It tastes just like regular white flour pasta but about 35 fewer carbs per serving. So all my Italian faves are back on the menu! Woo-hoo!