Get a Reading

My name is Morrigane and I’m an empath and intuitive witch.

I’ve wanted to offer spiritual readings for many years and now the time is right as many of my clients have sought guidance with me over the years.

It could not be easier to get your reading on the following topics: love, relationships, past, present and future concerns, advice and guidance on whatever issues you’re seeking answers to.

Simply follow the instructions below.
How to arrange a reading:

1. Find the reading you wish to purchase. Payment must be made BEFORE YOU CALL!

2. After you have made your purchase through Paypal please wait at least FIVE MINUTES before you call so I can verify that your payment has been made.




$50.00 for 15 minutes



$85.00  for 30 minutes



$150.00  for 50 minutes


Call the number below.

1+ 352-537-0000


I’m available for readings 3pm eastern to 10pm eastern every day but Saturday. You’re welcome to text me in my off hours (be reasonable) to see if I’m awake or working. If you get no response then I’m not available.

If you purchase and call while I’m doing a reading, I won’t answer so just leave a voicemail and I will text you back to set up a time for your reading.