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What being a witch is for me.


I’ve been a witch for most of my life. I have not always discussed being a witch and usually did not tell this detail to people I met. Often I did not tell them even after them knowing me for many years (like all of my sorority sisters for instance had no idea). When I got married my husband did not know that I was a witch and had practiced, trained and dedicated part of my life to this since I was fifteen years old. He was non-religious himself (though raised as an Episcopal Christian) and we got married at the courthouse in Key West, so religion didn’t come into it.

In the course of our marriage and living our life together it became clear to him that I had quite an interest in several unusual things: crystals, herbs and candles. And altars. They were around our house for a number of different reasons all decorated with symbols, statuary, herbs and lit candles at different times and moon phases/sabbats. He remarked that he liked the spirituality of the altars but he never thought anything of it since we also had a lovely Christian altar with the Lady of Guadalupe and a number of antique medieval crosses.

Coming out as a witch to my husband and friends was not easy. I did it in steps and even today there are still some people in certain areas of my life who do not know and some who do know but have no understanding of what being a witch means to me.

My husband reacted as I thought he would – complete understanding and he thought it was very cool.  He even understood that I was Buddhist religiously though I still practiced witchcraft but not as a Wiccan. The truth is witchcraft fit perfecting into my practice of Buddhism and meditation. They compliment each other well.

My friends who knew me for years had no issues with it since they had suspected something was different about me. Accepting me as Buddhist helped them accept me as a witch who not only cast spells for herself and her loved ones but as a business and for my living.

It’s the people who turned their back on me however that were most alarming to me. How could someone accept me as a Buddhist but not accept me as a witch? The answer to that was unfortunately ignorance of what witchcraft is and being confused by Hollywood witchcraft (like Harry Potter) and the pervasive connection of witchcraft with Satanists (and there is no actual truth of any kind to that connection since Satanism is a perversion of Christianity not an earth-based pagan religion).

Witchcraft for me has nothing to do with superstitions, ghosts, evil or Hollywood witches. For me witchcraft is and always has been about connecting with NATURE and the Goddess (who in herself is NATURE).

So you can take all the things that you think witchcraft and magick are and safely store those away under hoo-ha in my opinion. The media does not represent witchcraft. The online world does not represent it (at least not the places where real witches gather to discuss things). Even groups that get together and practice or organized covens do not necessarily represent me as a witch (though I applaud their right to whatever kind of witchcraft they practice).

I don’t wear pentacles usually. I don’t wear goth makeup and clothes. I don’t act like Wednesday Addams or any gothified teenager or emo poster on Tumblr. I am a mature, educated woman who believes in the power of focused will and intention to instigate change. I believe in the power of nature. I believe in the connection of all things. I believe in the light of the Goddess and her consort the God, that we humans are created by both a mother and a father figure.

I love being a witch. I love casting spells. I love every aspect of it from growing herbs, drying them, making magickal herb mixes and gris-gris bags and mojos to scented oils to my own candles. I love writing spells in my Book of Shadows.  I love studying various mysteries. I love documenting my life and spiritual journey as a witch. I love meditating and practicing compassion. I love grounding and centering myself. I love casting a circle whether in my mind or ritually. I love crystals and semi-precious stones for healing and positive energy. I love dedicating my work to the Goddess and sitting in front of a bonfire casting spells in the moonlight as much as I love celebrating the sabbats like upcoming Samhain and all the ritual that goes into it.

Being a witch has always been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I was drawn to nature in a spiritual sense. I told my cousin once that I thought God was a glow of light (I was very young) and that I believed God could be found in a cathedral of trees.

The only difference is now, I KNOW SHE is.

Biological materials? No need.


I recently got an email from a client who told me that she had worked with a voodoo caster who told her to put menstrual blood in something she was serving to her potential love interest. Whoa, girl do NOT do that, I told her immediately hoping that she had no already done so.

Magick is sympathetic in nature meaning that witches and voudons and other magick practitioners use herbs, candles, crystals and other items in spells and rituals. Some use biological materials in their spells and although I understand the significance of its use, in this day and age it simply is not necessary to resort to these practices.

Magick is energy ultimately; it does not rely on biological materials for the efficacy of spells. Many spellcasters use this as some kind of magickal mystique to keep things spooky. The darker the spells often the creepier the ingredients involved.

The truth is creepy ingredients in spells is a considerable misnomer. often spells listed ingredients in the form of code to keep the actual formulas secret. No one was ever using “eye of newt” and batwings in their preparations (though they did and some of us still do use some poisonous plants like belladonna, nightshade and henbane in spells).

Take care if someone tells you especially to use blood or other biological materials like semen, urine and saliva. Steer clear of such practices as there is truly no good reason to tie biological materials into spell casting when it is far more useful to have a photo of the person and their birthdate for the spell to be directed.

Furthermore a spellcaster is the one who should be working the sympathetic nature in the casting or ritual itself, not the client for whom the spell is intended. The client should only have to follow up through appropriate energy-adding instructions.

Magick works through the inherent energy and universal force of all things. It is of a quantum nature not biological.

Summer Witch



This is called Summer Witch but the dead trees in the background and harvest colors do not seem right to me. Especially since it is as green as can be here right now. Still I like her and the butterflies. I wish the background was lush foliage.

Making magick count

I have some clients who really know how to use their magick. They contact me for practical spells and we work together not just on one issue and one spell but for an integrated approach. I love to work with clients who do not see magick as just a quick fix when all else has failed them. This really lets me do my thing, to create a working and ritual that incorporates many levels of magick.

It always surprises me that more people to do not use magick for business and in school situations. I have had a number of clients request targeted business spells (spells for retail sales, real estate etc.) but I still would have thought more people might be interested at least enough to warrant a listing on the site but this has not happened. I’ve done my share of business talismans (also justice, love, health, beauty, prosperity, even ones for help with addiction recovery) and study talismans (for people in college  or for passing exams) but it still seems like people only come running to the witch if they are in dire need and it is a catastrophe of epic proportions.

It need not be however to use magick well in your life. I use it in all kinds of small ways on a daily basis.

A friend calls and tells me they are nervous because there has been some bad energy in their neighborhood, some mailbox bashings and break-ins so I cast a protection spell for them and send them a special sigil for them to put over their front door. This is a great way to use magick.

My beloved tells me that someone in his family is not well so I cast a healing candle spell and send positive healing energy to them.

Another friend tells me that her daughter has been having trouble in school so I cast a variation of Magnetic Attraction for her to draw the right kind of people to her.

Open yourself to using magick in countless ways. Contact me if you have a situation that you might not have considered using a spell for and lets find the right spell together!

Witchy Women

Had fun last night watching a special repeat Biography on Witches. Two witches I know personally were interviewed Laurie Cabot, “The Official Witch of Salem” and dear Silver Ravenwolf, one of my mentors through her books, crafts, business – just about everything. More than any witch I have known (personally) she has influenced how I do business and how I approach witchcraft.

I can quote her books practically by heart and have always had the most wonderful interactions with her. Her books and her work was a beacon of light to me at a time when I was very much alone in my craft (except always for the support of my mother) after being away from it for a number of years. Silver’s books are often considered a little “fluffy bunny” by some but I’m quite happy with them the way they are. I like that they are incredibly positive and don’t deal with dark aspects so much, I have other influences for that.

I’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful teachers along my path and this TV special got me thinking about them.

I remember the first time I went to Manna Reading Center in Fort Myers, looking for supplies (this was way before you could buy everything on the internet) and the owners were somewhat surprised I was a witch because I didn’t look like one (neither did they, they were more like hippies). They told me that most people who came in had embraced the goth witch look. this got a dialogue going and we became friends thereafter and eventually I even came to know other witches and pagans who were more “suburban” like me. They used to joke all the time and call me “Samantha” from “Bewitched” because that was who I reminded them of!

I used to read Tarot sometimes in person many years ago and always had such fun with it, especially when I lived in Key West. This got me introduced to my Cuban Santeria mentors, two women I worked with from the local newspapers I wrote for, who took me in as a student and I studied Santeria for about 6 years. Studying this particular mystery opened me up to studying Hoodoo and Voudou as well.

I’m grateful to the many wonderful witches I have known like Vintage Luna and Johanna Rowantree, witches I have exchanged spells with, made candles for, oils, jewelry, it has all been so fulfilling. I support many pagan crafting enterprises and have for many years.

Of course my greatest witch inspiration of all is my mother who encouraged me since I was a child to find my own path. She is a daughter of Isis but has never practiced as a witch though she has taken part in many of circles and spellcastings from my younger days. It was her encouragement that has always allowed me to discover  my true self.

She is, in the spirit of true witchcraft, the wisest woman I know.


Why I am a Witch

I am a witch because nature speaks to me.
I am a witch because witch is woman and woman is witch.
I am a witch because I turn focused intention into will.
I am a witch because I believe in the unseen.
I am a witch because I feel the past, present and future.
I am a witch because I have fought my way through patriarchy.
I am a witch because I know my body, mind and spirit.
I am a witch because I know there are two sides to everything.
I am a witch because cats follow me everywhere.
I am a witch because ravens look for me.
I am a witch because love flows through me.
I am a witch because I believe in magick.
I am a witch because I am magick.


I was discussing this recently with a potential client. She found herself in a heck of a situation with a lover and was looking at magick as a way to clear things out and get them back to a positive place. But in our discussion she revealed that she didn’t really BELIEVE in magick so she didn’t know what could be accomplished with it.

Since magick uses your focused will and intention, perhaps it could be argued that you don’t actually need to believe in the magick itself as much as you believe in your own focused will and intention. However I would countermand that by saying that in all my years as a witch I have never seen magick done in accordance with focused will and intention manifest without BELIEVING it would. Thus magick can only truly exist and manifest if you BELIEVE that it will.

So what can I do to help someone who comes to me not believing in magick? Can I still help them? Can I still cast for them?

If they are willing to keep an open mind and open heart  then yes, absolutely. Fortunately I believe in magick and since I will be doing the casting this is what is needed most.

That said I think that many people DO believe in magick, they just don’t realize that they do.

Goth Witch vs. Suburban Witch

Many people who meet me in person are shocked to find out what I do for a living. What I get mostly is – uh, wow, you don’t look like a witch! I often wonder if people think I should look like the Wicked Witch of the West. Since the Goth look is very popular among pagans perhaps that is how they envision a witch- black nail-polish, lots of pentacle jewelry, dyed hair and eccentric outfits. In that case I look nothing like a witch, I look like your average Suburban Housewitch.

It is not that I don’t like the goth look. Well not to wear certainly in my daily life.  I am little past the age for costume dressing. However I do like many goth things: books, dolls, jewelry, films etc. It is a wonderful expression of the darker side of life but in a fantastical way and I appreciate that.

For me personally though witchcraft is not a look but a life. Not lifestyle because there is really no style that accompanies how witchcraft fits into my life. It is similar to how Buddhism is part of my life – it just is. It guides everything I do, think, feel. I am aware of it always. Yet to the outside eye no one would take a look at me and think, oh, she’s a Buddhist nor would they think, oh, she’s a witch. I prefer that, especially in a town where most people are practicing Christians who might not have the level of tolerance needed to welcome a pagan believer.

At Samhain however, I do go all out with dressing Goth; we all do in my family!  It’s fun to celebrate the dark side of witchcraft on All Hallows Eve. One year my sister-in-law had deep purple hair! This year I am eager to see what my niece comes up with. I think I might use a really red hair dye myself just to shake things up. I do have beautiful pagan jewelry that I love to wear and very witchy outfits reserved just for the sabbat.

Many of my sister and brother witches across the world are low-key like me. You’d never know to look at them that they go home from their corporate and professional jobs to light candles on an altar and practice witchcraft.  We are kind of sneaky witches. But we are out here, oh yes. And we are making magick. We just don’t look like it.

Parking Witchcraft

I cast spells everyday. Not just for clients (I actually cast those according to specific moon phases) but for myself and my family.

This past week was a little stressful because we were all concerned about a family members health so I cast a well-being spell for her. I did a healing ritual, lit a blue candle (for healing), dispelled negativity by lighting sacred sage incense and did a round of 108 mantras to my patron Goddess, Green Tara.

I cast a specific abundance spell for myself also this week and then a protection spell for my brother. I sent healing energy to other family members as well as cast a spell for clarity for my niece who had had some very important decisions to make recently.

I find that more and more I turn to witchcraft first when a problem arises for those I care about. There is something greatly comforting about the ritual aspect, the deep connection with the Earth and the Goddess and letting that energy permeate me as much and as often as possible.

It’s the little spells I cast the most often which seem to make a huge difference in my life. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am casting them but later I will think about it and realize that I have had powerful synchonicities taking place for days in a row and I will realize that all the time I have been casting mini-spells either through the written word, spoken or mentally.

Synchronicity is one way for me to tell that magick is at full-steam ahead in my life.

I usually experience at least one per day but often when the energy is mega-watt, it will be a number of them, three to five in one day. Sometimes they take a day or so to come to fruition but they are usually pretty quick. When I have a few days in a row of this it’s a sign that my connection is deep. When this coincides with a full moon (as it did this week) it is intense enough to take my breath away. It’s what I live for!

I’m sure you have done this before: you pull into the mall parking lot and it is packed. You say to yourself, “Please, oh please let there be a spot close to the entrance.” You may even recognize the futility of this since there isn’t a spot anywhere, never mind close to the entrance, yet you make the declaration just the same and sometimes, when the forces for mall goodness are aligned – you watch a car you hadn’t seen with backing lights, zip right out of primo spot.

Fate? Perhaps. Mathematical odds? Most likely. Force of focused will and intention? Now we are in my territory.

If I told you how often this happens to me you wouldn’t believe me. People would say, oh it’s just luck. Luck is when it happens once in a while. Witchcraft is when it happens according to focused will and intention. And truly, I do love getting a good parking spot.

How does it work?

I get this question a lot – “How does the spell work?” Usually I answer – “It just does.”

The truth is I cannot know how because every single situation is different. Every client who comes to me may have an issue that fits in the general nature of one of my spells but their specific situation is unique; the conditions, the players, the obstacles – all of it. Thus when I am asked about percentages or rates of success I can’t really give them. What works for one may not work for another. Even if the situation is similar, the conditions or players or obstacles may not be. Also occasionally I don’t get the entire truth. I may get an edited version; important elements may be left out. There may be a selection of spells at my site that I cast over and over again for many clients but the truth is there is only ONE SPELL and that is the one that I cast for YOU and that spell will be as unique as you are.

You must believe the spell will work. It would astound you how many people come to me with a half-hearted doubting mind and expect their spell to delivers miracles by the pound. If you don’t believe in spells, witchcraft, energy, etc. why would you even consider purchasing a spell? It’s not as if the spell is operating under its own power (it is not; it operates under my power, your power and the power of the Universe) and by some lucky chance even though you don’t believe in all this hoo-ha it will end up working for you. If you think that I have some kind of supernatural powers you are wrong – my abilities are ALL NATURAL. Everything I do is tied to the Law of Nature, nothing supernatural about it. I am a seasoned witch, like any artisan who knows their métier. This is real world witchcraft; not Hollywood witchery. The work I do is not out of the big spellbook on “Charmed”.

Know what you want. Sometimes you may think you know what you want and yet when it comes right down to it, it may not be at all what you thought it was. Perhaps you want someone to love you. Seems simple enough. Yet, what if you aren’t ready to love back? What if you are really more focused on your career or your children or just enjoying being on your own? What if you don’t know this? What if you you are just going through the motions thinking that the old boyfriend you dumped three years ago is really who you love simply because no one else has shown up or because you are tired of not having a date on major holidays? Do you know balls to bones that this is what you want?

Some clients come to me and know what they want but they want it NOW! TOMORROW! YESTERDAY! They give me time constraints and say if you can’t make this happen in 2 weeks then forget it. Two weeks. I’ll cast a spell that will make him leave his wife and kids and come to you, move in with you and love only you. In two weeks. When being with him for the past five years as his mistress has not been enough of a catalyst to get him where you want him! This my dears would be more than a little unrealistic.

Real spells take time to manifest. Especially spells that involve other players and obstacles.

Know your obstacles. There will be obstacles. There always are. If there weren’t ; everything would be just ducky and you wouldn’t be taking your problems to a witch. A spell without obstacles is like Disney World without that freaking mouse.

Magick likes the direct route. It doesn’t like obstacles. It doesn’t want to have to get around or over anything. It likes to go to the source, weave its spell and fold back into the eternal energy pool of the Universe. That’s why if you come to me unaware of the obstacles to your desires; you can find yourself quite woebegone.

For instance if you came to me with the situation that you want to marry your ex-girlfriend who is currently married to a man that she is not in love with but is in love with you but is considering staying with her husband because of the kids and to top it all you are married with children too – then you my dear have a hefty sack o’ sorry obstacles! It’s not that it cannot be manifested (where there is focused will and intention there is a way!), rather that you must know and understand each specific obstacle and how it will come to play in your particular situation. A working like this would need several powerful spells. You would not be able to just have one spell cast and expect it to be the WD-40 of spell casting and have it fix everything.

Tell the truth. If you lie; the spell will die. I’ve had clients come to me and tell me a long story but leave out the fact that the girlfriend they are trying to get to return to them has a restraining order against them. Now this is an extreme case but it has happened. You certainly don’t have to tell me things that are not pertinent to the spell – you know, I don’t really care if you stole a stapler from work. However when it comes to something that is extremely important to the spell you are having me cast (as in casting a love spell on a married man that you do not tell me is married ) consider me as discreet as a shrink.

Don’t obsess. This is one that I should have made into a flashing button that my clients can wear. I recognize that when it comes to love there is a very fine line. In fact that line is actually intertwined. Yet it does no good for the working. It doesn’t help the spell.

Clients who obsess usually send me several emails a day or at least several per week. Some will hound me unto the end of the Earth, never letting me take a single day off or considering that I too have a life with errands that must be run, family to see, dinner to have, time to meditate or categorize my new herbs.

It is all obsession. They will send me long-winded emails and ask me questions like I am a psychic and not a witch. It is not healthy. Obsessing doesn’t get you what you desire. Obsession usually means you are going after the wrong thing or wrong person. Because if it was right – you would not be obsessing.

When you have a spell cast take my advice – once the spell is complete – LET IT GO. The rest is up to the Universe. Keep your focused will and intention but that is not obsession. That is what you did when you had the working done in the first place. Letting go once the spell is complete allows it to manifest unhindered by you. If you obsess, you will sabotage yourself.

In the end how it works is very much dependent upon you. Take this advice to heart. Then watch the magick happen.