Texting Nightmares



Real honest text messages I get:

Idiot: “Hi there do you have any spells for shapeshifting?”

Me: “You mean to turn you into another person or animal?”

Idiot: “Yes, I would like a spell to turn into a dragon.”

Me: “Do you run into many dragons out there? Do you see them on the news?”

Idiot: “So how much for a spell to turn me into a dragon?”

Me: [caller blocked]

I recently made myself available to inquiries and clients through texting. Still too early to tell if this is a huge mistake or not.

Most of my text messages I’m afraid come from kids or teenagers since many of them ask me to make them into vampires, werewolves and mermaids, as well as dragons.

I want to be able to have communication with my potential clients (and my clients of course) so I am available to them directly. without unnecessarily wasting my time. I’ve had a few good inquiries thus far through texting where people have pertinent questions to ask but unfortunately the majority of them tend to be questions like the following: (actual real text messages)

“Are you a real witch?”

“Can you make  a boy like me?”

“I’m 13 years old and I wanna be a witch too!”

Then there are the kind of crazy texters who text me to tell me that they want a genie to do their bidding, they’d like mind-reading powers and they’d like a spell to make them immortal. Yeah, sure. I’ll get right on that.

I’m also available on Facebook and have my share of messages through there that are absurd too with many young people friending me to get me to teach them witchcraft (they hope and then message me and ask me if I will which of course I will not). But every now and then a legitimate inquiry comes through and a client is made and a genuine friendship is born. That’s what I hope for and why I keep letting the texting happen, so far.

What Spells Cannot Do


I need to repeat this because I still get so many inquiries about it. Granted there may be some out there from kids who are just having some fun but it scares me a little to think there could actually be people who believe in such things. Now after that brutal stabbing in Wisconsin with the two 12 year old girls who allegedly “believed” they were in communication with a fictional horror story character, I need to make things as clear as I possibly can.

There are no spells to turn people into werewolves, vampires and mermaids. No one anywhere has spells that can do this for the main reason that these are FICTIONAL characters that do not exist in the real world. Even if they did exist there are no spells that can turn a human from being a human into another biological being. That is beyond fiction, it is fairy-tale, Hollywood stuff.

I have written about gender dysphoria before as well since I get weekly inquiries from people who want to change their gender.

Before you write to me to ask me to turn you from a man into a hot sexy woman (they almost always are men who want to be hot, sexy women, which seems odd to me and fetishistic considering that if you are truly suffering from gender dysphoria wouldn’t it simply be ok to change your gender into a woman and then work out the hot, sexy part on your own?) please consider the following:


Have you met anyone who has changed their gender through a spell and NOT sexual reassignment surgery?

Have you heard of anyone who has changed their gender through magickal means and not surgery? This would be rather a big story, sort of like Chastity Bono becoming Chaz Bono and going on “Dancing with the Stars”, so it would be all over the news, online, a really big story that transpeople can now change their biological gender through magick.

Gender reassignment surgery is tens of thousands of dollars (depending on what you have done), up at $80K for the full monty (no pun intended) if you are a male to female with complete surgery. How much do you think a spell would cost that involved no surgery, no pain, no recovery time and that made you hot and sexy to boot?

Gender dysphoria is serious and people need help to deal with it and that help can easily be found online in many resources but witches and magick are NOT one of them.


Other things spells cannot do:

Change your eye color.

Change your skin color.

Change your hair length, texture and color.

Alter your looks in any way.

Make you taller or shorter.

Give you muscles.

Give you enlarged body parts of any kind.

Help you with biological conditions (that’s where science comes in, folks!).

Turn you into an animal.


It is understandable that we all gravitate toward some degree of fantasy and that’s fine when kept in perspective, but do not confuse fantasy with reality.

Real magick is always based upon Natural Law. Unless you routinely run across werewolves, vampires, mermaids, immortals and men who have instantly been turned into hot, sexy women, there is no chance there will be a spell to make this happen.

And if you do routinely run into the aforementioned perhaps you have a little more on your plate than needing a spell!



Sometimes I get strange requests as a witch. Pretty much every week someone writes to me because they want to become a werewolf/mermaid/vampire (not all three at once) and at least once a week a man writes to me who wants to become a woman who is sexy and has big breasts (why always sexy? why always big breasts?). I’m not talking about those requests because I’ve been getting them for years.

Recently I’ve been getting requests to kill people. I’ve had them occasionally in the almost 12 years I’ve been doing this online but they have always been from men and usually having to do with a rival in business but once or twice in love. In the past year however I’ve gotten requests from women to kill people.

This stands out to me because in all the years I’ve done this that has never happened. Imagine my shock when I got the first request. But then shortly thereafter, a second, a third, a fourth! What is going on, ladies? Are women becoming cold-blooded killers?

It has to be stated that I will not cast a spell to physically or otherwise HARM another. You cannot trick me into doing this. If I knew spells to harm people i would never use them. The truth is as deeply as I believe in magick such curses and hexes only work if the person they are cast upon BELIEVES that they work.

As a Buddhist I am a pacifist. I do not believe in killing for any reason. I am stunned that I have had to write to women and tell them this. No, I will not cast a spell to kill the woman who is pregnant with your husband/boyfriend’s baby. I will not cast a spell to kill the woman that your husband/boyfriend is having an affair with.

What truly disturbs me is how misplaced such anger is. Why would you want to kill the woman? Is she really the problem here? Isn’t it the man? I’m asking this rhetorically, of course it is the man’s fault!

So for future reference to potential lady-killers (and all killers) out there. I’m not the right one to exact your murderous revenge. And whoa, people, get some professional help!


Spellbound items & haunted dolls?

While on Facebook today an ad popped up for a magickal site that offers extremely cheap spells ($7-$15) and various items that they call spellbound, which include potion bottles filled with rainwater and  spelled jewelry. I’m not going to say what site this is but just going to provide a warning to all regarding some of the claims people like this make.

First about $7 spells. No real witch would sell a spell so cheaply because of the time and energy it requires. This is just someone ripping you off. Remember spells that are too good to be true – ARE in fact if they are at too good to be true price like $7. Do you really think that a true witch who lives and works as a witch will take the time to cast a love spell for you for $7? Or that an entire coven of witches will cast a spell for you for 30 days selling  for only $100? If you do then honestly you deserve to have such con-artists take your money. They’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn they will sell you too!

This particular person claims to be a SIXTH generation Wiccan witch which is IMPOSSIBLE since Wicca was not even a religion in the US (or anywhere) until the 1950’s! How could you be a sixth generation Wiccan then? What a load of bunk! That’s not to say there were not witches, obviously, as there have always been witches but they did not call themselves Wiccans. And SIXTH generation? Come on! Not even good or believable cons, people!

This site also had a section for “haunted dolls”, this being one of the scams that used to run on eBay that eventually got all metaphysical services banned from that site. I never offered any of my services there so I am not sure how that worked. Clients have written to me and asked about such items as “haunted dolls”, “spellbound jewelry”, “charging boxes” etc.

Haunted Dolls: ghosts and thought forms do not haunt items. This is simply superstition. Inanimate objects can hold energy, this is true, but they would not be haunted in the sense that we consider hauntings. Often a thought-from (ghost) is usually connected to a person or a place. That’s not to say that your grandmother’s wedding ring that she wore until her death does not have residual energy from her wearing it for most of her life, that would not be uncommon, but items do not become haunted or infested with a spirit or thought-form. If you buy anything that someone claims is haunted you are just buying a piece of junk.

Spellbound Jewelry: jewelry  particularly of precious metal and semi-precious or precious stones can be charged for specific purposes by a legitimate witch or reiki/crystal healer. This would not be a long-term solution unless you keep charging the item somehow (like a talisman). The caveat here is that whomever is selling spelled jewelry or talismans must be the REAL DEAL. And for that you should know who they are, their real name, what they look like and be able to find them as a person on Facebook, on Twitter etc. Spellbound jewelry should be semi-precious stones and precious metal otherwise it will not hold a charge unless it has the appropriate symbols upon it (like metal talismans do). These items must also be re-charged regularly. They will not be as powerful as a spell – consider them to give an over-all, generalized effect, a boost perhaps to real spells. When looking at such supposed items beware that someone is not simply trying to clean out their jewelry box and sell things at a premium price because they have “spells” on them.

Charging Boxes: you do not need a special charging box for a talisman or spellbound item. Any container that you choose with work fine as long as that is all you use it for. I use several boxes to charge things on my altars. One is marble, the other is stone and one is wooden.

Spellbound Items (like potion bottles): a potion bottle would not be spellbound as much as its contents. Again this is not really a spell at all but something that has specific inherent properties of a sympathetic magickal nature. Think of Holy Water for instance, the container can be a vial, bottle or basin, but that does not contain the power – the water does. Be careful when someone is offering things like this and consider that it is the “potion” itself that has the value.

If you ever have any questions about things like this just email me or leave them in the comments below. As always I am at your service.


Magick Cannot Change Your Gender

I feel that I have to post this, even though I have said it time and time again on my site and here on my blog. If I didn’t get at least two to three requests for this EVERY SINGLE DAY, I would just ignore it as a joke or something. But since I believe there are many people out there genuinely suffering from Gender Dysphoria or related disorders dealing with sexual identity I thought perhaps I need to say this more explicitly and to the point.


Larry Wachowski becomes Lana Wachowski.

There is no spell that can turn you from a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy.

Let’s explore this deeper:

  1. Magick works with ENERGY not BIOLOGY. Science is the realm of biology which is why there is a medical field. Otherwise we would have no medicine or healing through science, we would just use spells and frankly witches would be far more respected in society and I would be a great deal more wealthy, so trust me if this was the case, there is nothing bad about it for me! But this is not the case – biology is science and the only way there exists in the WORLD for someone to change their gender is by undergoing  psychological therapy and eventually using science to alter their biology, to take hormones, to live as the opposite sex that you desire to become and finally to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.
  2. Thankfully there exists a very open and caring medical community that helps people suffering from gender dysphoria to make the decisions they need to and to have the therapy and surgeries required to help them. This can be expensive as all elective medical procedures and psychiatry can be. Surgeries can range from $10K to $50K. Therapy that is not covered by insurance can run up to $225 an hour. Changing one’s gender takes time and money and surgery. There is no other way available on earth to do this.
  3. If there existed a spell to change one’s gender (or eye color, hair color, body shape, height, size of breasts or penis etc.) why would there be scientific ways that included pain and discomfort for considerably more money than a spell would cost? What would be the point of going through such difficulties if you could simply come to a witch and she could turn you into whatever gender you desired, make you beautiful and change your physical appearance without the help of contact lenses, hair dye, hair stylists, diet, exercise and plastic surgery? Wouldn’t everyone in Hollywood just come to me instead of getting breast implants or lip injections? And for a bargain price of around $300? People please – use common sense!
  4. I understand how tempting it can be to believe the Hollywood version of magick, that Samantha the witch can create something from nothing by twiddling her nose and that in Harry Potter there is such a thing as fighting with magick wands and a death spell that you just speak that can kill someone. That is fantasy and real magick is not about fantasy, it’s about the NATURAL WORLD and believe me there are no instant death spells in the NATURAL WORLD, otherwise madmen would be armed with wands and not guns.
  5. Real magick works with your focused will and intention on energetic matters that CAN be altered by your state of mind and the energy surrounding them. Our minds and spirits are powerful (just read studies dealing with what can be accomplished through meditation, how we can alter how our bodies respond to physical conditions and how we can use out own bodies natural way of healing to help us to maintain and cure specific maladies) but we are not omnipotent. We don’t have the power of creating matter from thin air. The miracle of birth for instance takes two components to develop at all. Nature is powerful but nature is not a vacuum  It needs a seed and that seed needs to be nourished in order to grow.
  6. This is why you cannot cast a love spell that will manifest if there is no love present. You cannot manipulate someone to love you who has no feelings for you. Love must be present in some form to build upon. There always must be something for magick to nourish and grow with focused will and intention. You don’t start to create life, a table, a work of art, a fabulous meal – nothing without the raw material and it works the same with energetic states too.
  7. I know this is disappointing for many desperate people who just want to make the one they want to love them, LOVE THEM or to turn everything in their life around by changing their physical appearance or changing their gender or even making them immortal vampires, werewolves or mermaids.
  8. If you visit a web site or witch/spellcaster who says they can CURE YOU, change your physical appearance, change your gender, eye color, height, body parts – anything that requires science and biology to actually accomplish in the natural world – don’t give them a second look. They are con-artists and their only business is to take your money and laugh all the way to the bank that you fell for it.

If you have questions, just email me or you can read my FAQ on mysticspells.com.


Rant for a Wee Little Witch

I got a comment today from a witch regarding my  post 13 Ways to Tell a Real Witch on the Internet. She was somewhat misunderstanding (well, ok, a lot misunderstanding) but then she is young (from the style of her writing). You’ve got to nurture the witchlings though and help them if you can.

I had the impression from her blog that she learned about witchcraft through the Harry Potter books and films particularly in the sense that she believes in the fantasy elements of  “Hollywood Magic”, since she was making an argument that there were spells that might be able to change your hair color (she said something about using bleach in spell but as I said, that is not magick but science) and seemed pretty sure that there could be magick that exists that can change your gender or turn you into a mermaid.

Perhaps she was trying to be funny or what she considered ironic. I hope that is the case and that she truly did not believe  in the school of Hollywood Witchcraft.

She was filled with rage and that made me so sad to see someone expressing themselves with four-letter words, poor grammar, and ethnic slang. Had she anything legitimately interesting to say it was lost utterly in those affectations. She also only read the one article on this blog and investigated no further. This was not a list about REAL witches certainly or pertaining to them at all. This was a list for laypeople looking to work with online witches.

I was sorry to see that many of her blog-friends supported her angry missive  and one even accused me of plagiarizing the list I wrote from something in a book from 1996. I would dearly love to see that since I wrote this on the exact day I posted it and it pertains completely to the business aspect of locating a witch on the Internet which would have been impossible in 1996.

This is just another unfortunate example of people who don’t know any better (and know not of what they speak) being rude to their elders, having no idea of courtesy, respect and manners. If she had offered her opinion in a polite and intelligent manner I would have been happy to discourse with her but to post such an insulting diatribe filled with epithets just for the sake of sounding “edgy” erased any possibility of  communication.

Ah, the folly of youth.

Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids & Changing Gender

Vampire Bill in True Blood.

I understand that many young people really got into the TWILIGHT series of books. Still others love the TV show True Blood (me included but not so crazy about this season) or any number of films that feature vampires, werewolves and even mermaids. But I will tell you that under no circumstances is there a legitimate spell to turn you into a vampire, werewolf or mermaid. Oh my.

Please stop writing to me and asking about this. I get at least one inquiry per day (sometimes more) asking me if I can turn a person into a mythological creature.

Witchcraft is REAL, even if you don’t believe in it. Just like Newtonian physics is real and people didn’t believe in that at first either. However all magick (as well as science) is based upon natural law. If it does not exist in the natural world it cannot therefore exist in the magickal world. That negates things like people turning into vampires, dragons, mermaids, were-beings etc.

At least half a dozen times a week some poor soul will write to me asking if I can give them a sex change in a spell. That’s right, they think that I can change a person’s gender with a spell. That I can change physical biology that there is already scientific means to use, such as gender reassignment surgery and taken hormones of the opposite sex.

Why on Earth would a human being put themselves through surgery and taking hormones if all they had to do was find a witch who could change their gender with a spell?

Gender reassignment surgery runs about $40K. How much should a witch who could magickally change someones gender charge? Seriously – consider that point. If it could be done – how much would it be worth to someone?

Well don’t worry – it cannot be done. Anyone who says they can is a sure-fire con-artist and charlatan.

I know its difficult to suffer from gender dysphoria and such difficulties can make people desperate. But please remain out of fantasy-land. Changing gender in this world is a medical procedure, not a magickal one.

Its best to remember that magick is about energy – not biology. And not fantasy – so no immortality, living on blood, turning into a wolf, breathing under water etc. Magick can accomplish so much but leave the fantasy as entertainment, it is not reality.

Will the REAL witch please stand up?

To me it is almost humorous, but you would not believe how many people email me and ask me if I am REAL. Of course I know I am REAL in the sense that I am sitting here typing these words on a keyboard or that two nights ago I was standing in my circle casting spells or even this morning when I poured myself a cup of herbal tea from herbs I had grown myself. Of course I am REAL!

Unfortunately this is part of the game in a world that is filled with charlatans and con-artists. I have to work extra hard to PROVE my REAL-NESS.

It is very difficult for charlatans to prove that they are real. They conceal their true identities on whois; they use stock photos of people and pretend they are the spellcasters; they make up back-stories or steal them from legitimate psychics or spellcasters (big note here: PSYCHICS DO NOT CAST SPELLS! Only witches cast spells!) and these are just the most glaring examples.

There is a different kind of spellcaster who is also not a REAL witch. I am sure you have seen these sites where it actually is a real person and they are selling their spells for $20 and they promise the world and more for this price. They may even mean well but it is unlikely that they are really casting spells. Trust me – to cast a spell for $20 is like losing money – that is if you actually cast the spell.

Casting spells is exhausting work. It takes a great deal of time and it drains energy from you so much that it often takes me a couple of days after casting to recover. To do this for only $20 would be like torturing yourself for nothing. And how effective will this spell be if the only worth to the caster themself is only $20? Consider this seriously before you go to a junior-grade witch who does not even value their own services.

So who is REAL?

There are several I know for certain for I have communicated with them directly, know them in person or have worked with them. Most of them do not offer spell services however, they just sell products for witches and shamans. But they are out there these REAL witches.

Here are some tips to tell if your witch (or spellcaster is REAL):

  • Check the domain to see who it is registered to. Domains registered to an actual human being and not hidden by a proxy could mean there is a REAL person behind this. People who have nothing to hide do not mind using their true information when registering a domain name.
  • Don’t waste your time going to so-called “review” forums or boards – these are actually owned by the con-artists themselves though they often let people post some real details to give it legitimacy. There are better ways to determine if your spellcaster is on the level.
  • If your spellcaster uses a witch-name find out what their real name is. For instance, I was not born with the name Morrigane. I will tell you my real name if you ask.
  • Once you find their real name then google them. It will tell you a lot if they are a REAL person.

I have other entries that tell you more about how to find a legitimate witch. I don’t give you this information because I want you to choose me (though you can’t go wrong since I am a REAL witch!) rather that I do not want you to be ripped off.

Now to be fair even a REAL witch has spells that fail. That is just part of the magickal universe. It is important to realize and understand that there are no guarantees in the natural world. Any one who offers you a guarantee for the spellcasting services or tells you that their success rate is 97 percent or some absurd percentage should be avoided. Magick is not a commidity that can be tracked into a percentage of success nor is it a product that can be guaranteed like a toaster.

I always use this adage to explain to my clients the nature of magick: magick is simply science that has not been proven. So as a witch I am similar to a Medical Doctor in my experience and services that I offer only my science is as yet unproven.

Like a Doctor you pay me for my expertise. Doctors go to school for many years to become Doctors. As a witch I have basically been in “school” learning mysteries and being educated in the use of herbs, oils, crystals, forms of divination, high magick and pagan belief systems for the past 20 years.

When you go to a Doctor you are hopeful that she has something in her expertise and background; a knowledge, that will help you to heal. She cannot guarantee your healing however. Nor can she allow you to pay her only if she can actually heal or cure you. That is just not the way it works.

A REAL witch will do her (or his) best for you. Like a caring Doctor we will do whatever we can within our expertise to help you. I have taken an oath as a witch but also as a Buddhist and these oaths are as important to me as every breath I take.

Investigate your witch and you will FIND the REAL ones stand out.

Curses – foiled again!

Though this may upset some of you reading this I have something very important to tell you: YOU ARE NOT CURSED! You have not been hexed and no one has laid the voodoo down on you. Nor have you been hoodooed, vodee-o-doed or otherwise maliciously messed with by magickal means.

I could make a fortune if I wanted to by removing curses and hexes like the charlatans do. It’s so easy to convince someone that the bad luck or less than stellar good fortune in their lives is someone mucking about with black magick trying to ruin them.

Most people would rather hear that they are hexed or cursed than hear the truth. If it is a curse then it is not their fault that their life is a mess. It is someone else doing this to them. They are the victims of a malicious attack.

Every day someone writes to me to tell me that they are cursed. Today someone who clearly needs medical attention wrote to me asking me to remove a hex as if that was what was making them sick.

Your Suburban House-Witch has been around the block a time or too and I must tell you that in my many years of spellcasting I have yet to actually come upon anyone who has been successfully cursed by an outside source. Perhaps someone may have intended to do so but ultimately the only person who can curse you is you.

Yet curses still exist. In fact I offer an old Stregha curse on my site. Does it work? Perhaps. I have never cursed anyone so I don’t know but I am sure there are those who have used the curse and at least felt that it was a success and ultimately that is the goal. As much as I can tell you with certainty that you are not cursed, I can also tell you that curses are not something I would ever fool around with – just in case. That is how I deal with the Dark Arts – with a hands-off policy.

Here is what I know about curses:they are never cast arbitrarily. Plus they require 100 times more focus and will behind the intention than a positive spell. If someone truly wants to devote a huge chunk of their time and focus to cursing you; be assured that you will know who this person is and why they feel so wronged and it will be a big one. Like stealing their husband or wife or taking their money or ruing their life in some way. In other words it is rare for someone to curse another who is completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

So before you write to me to tell you that you are cursed (which I know you are not); think it through.

Think about what you could have done that could have destroyed someone’s life. Because that is the only reason anyone would ever spend time, energy, will and money to curse another. And it won’t work anyway unless you actually BELIEVE it will. If you do believe it – you will be in effect, cursed.

I am telling you that you are not cursed. Honestly. Because your life is not the way you want it or because you went to some witch/astrologer/psychic charlatan who told you, you were cursed (and they can get rid of it for $500) does not in any way mean that you are cursed.

There is one certain, surefire way to know 100 percent that you are not cursed.

Don’t do anything to someone that you would not like done to you. Do unto others. If you give compassion and lovingkindness that is what you will get in return.

No one curses a nice person.

Spellcasters Online

I recently answered an email from a client who asked about finding legitimate spellcasters on the internet. Since I give some tips for finding the right spellcaster It hought it might be interesting to post here.

Hi Gina, thanks for your email. I am always interested to see what other witches (andthose who are actually charlatans) are doing on the web. It pains me to see so many but that is the nature of the business. It is very easy to set yourself up as something you are not and that can make it very difficult to find a spellcaster who is legitimate.

When looking for a legitimate spellcaster you should consider several things:

You will need to do your homework. Check out the domain name if possible to see who it is registered to. (check out any domain name by using whois.org) If it is registered by a private registrar (such as domains by proxy as many of the sites listed on the fake review sites are), consider that it means these people have something to hide.

By that same token – how accessible is the spellcaster – do they use their real name (at least somewhere at some point) and will they call you or can you call them? But even this can be misleading. There is one site run by someone on that list that sells black magick for the most outrageous prices (usually $1500- $3000) and they list all their contact information including their home address and phone number. The man running that site is one of the biggest charlatans going. I have had many clients who have been duped by him and his cronies who cast “spells” with him. Even if the person is up front about their real name and will call you or you can call them it does not guarantee legitimacy.

Allnof these “rate the spellcasters sites/forums” are bogus as well as meaningless. Just because a spell does not work for someone cannot possibly mean that the spellcaster did not do their job (unless of course they are a charlatan and didn’t cast the spell at all!). So much depends on the client following directions, as well as being honest that it would be impossible for one person to rate a spellcaster based upon extremely biased context. Perhaps the client didn’t follow through as they should have or perhaps they lied to the spellcaster (a common reason why a spell doesn’t work). Spells are like prayers, they are highly individual and each person brings something different to the spell, so there is no way to grade legitimate spellcasters.

Charlatans out there make themselves known right away. They will lie. Cajole. Promise the most unrealistic results imaginable. They pull all kinds of con games with people. Cast one spell then get the person to pay more for the same spell. Usually their prices are way too low ($30 for a spell) or way too high ($1500 for a spell).

Many times people will throw all kind credentials up on a site. Some may even be real. For instance I am an ordained minister myself. I am also a reiki master. I also have college degrees too but most people who do this don’t mention anything like that. They just focus on certificates that can be obtained through at-home study programs. There is nothing wrong with this – but just because you have a certificate that says you are a psychic does not mean you are.

One of the best ways to discover a charlatan is by their invented history. Often charlatans are very creative with their histories. They will talk about being in the family business, the child of witches whose family of witches goes back thousands of years.

On that count, modern day witchcraft is still in its infancy. People running around saying that they were from secret families of witches is absurd. There may have been extremely isolated enclaves but it’s doubtful that they were in this country or anywhere but Europe and those would have been so few to even be counted. The original witches (who brought Wicca to the modern age) were only a handful of people. There were no secret societies of witches practicing on their own for thousands of years. There were secret societies that did not practice witchcraft but were similar in other ways (like the Freemasons) but anyone claiming that they are from a family of witches would be the exception rather than the rule.

Be wary of anyone’s history that includes things that sound like they came from a book. Most witches are quiet and unassuming and do not tell too much about how they learned what they learned. One of the creeds of a witch is to after all, be silent.

Real witches are hard to find in any guise but the internet makes it very difficult to discern. I’ve been online now for three years. I do not hesitate to let people know who I am and I am always available if you need to speak to me personally (through texting, instant message and email). There is no one else who works with me, so you are never handed off to someone, you correspond with me from beginning to end. I live this life. I am open to discussing many of my personal experiences as a witch.

I am sure there are others who have integrity and just want to HELP who operate in a similar way. At least I hope so. I cannot bear to think of how many people have been soaked by some of these con-artists. Like I have said before – If you don’t get help with me – I still want you to get help with someone and I will do whatever I can to help you find a legitimate spellcaster.

Blessed be,