Spells to Bring a Lover Back


As you can imagine I get many requests for spells to return a lover or  partner whom someone has been broken-up with or that they even ended the relationship themselves. Sometimes after a client has time to consider a break-up they realize it was not their intention to end things. Often people need closure in relationships and there may be unfinished business that you want to settle or perhaps you really loved and cared for someone but did not realize it until it was too late.

There are just as many reasons to bring your lover back as there are relationships and I have a few spells to help.

First you want to consider how long they have been gone. I have a spell called Return to Me which is can be used for short-term or long-term partings.

Then decide what kind of magick is best for you – white magick (like Angel Lover Return), voodoo (gray magick) like Return to Me or dark magick (black magick) like Dark Arts Love Spell. The white magick and voodoo spells are free of risks to you and the one you desire to return but the Dark Arts Love Spell and black magick can be a risky undertaking if you are not careful. You’ve got to make sure that your feelings for this other person are of a pure, unselfish nature.

If the partner you desire to return to you is already involved with someone else you will most likely need to address that either through a Break-Up Spell or an Eliminate A Rival Spell. Both can easily be used with the return a lover line of spells to maximum effect. It is always more powerful if spells are cast together rather than separately.

The success of such spells depends upon many factors so it is difficult to predict how the spell will manifest; therefore it is best to keep an open mind and heart regarding such spells. The most focused clients have the best results. Your belief in magick determines the ultimate success of spells cast upon your behalf.

As I always tell my clients – if there are still feelings between two people, magick can work magick. Where there is love there is hope.

Biological materials? No need.


I recently got an email from a client who told me that she had worked with a voodoo caster who told her to put menstrual blood in something she was serving to her potential love interest. Whoa, girl do NOT do that, I told her immediately hoping that she had no already done so.

Magick is sympathetic in nature meaning that witches and voudons and other magick practitioners use herbs, candles, crystals and other items in spells and rituals. Some use biological materials in their spells and although I understand the significance of its use, in this day and age it simply is not necessary to resort to these practices.

Magick is energy ultimately; it does not rely on biological materials for the efficacy of spells. Many spellcasters use this as some kind of magickal mystique to keep things spooky. The darker the spells often the creepier the ingredients involved.

The truth is creepy ingredients in spells is a considerable misnomer. often spells listed ingredients in the form of code to keep the actual formulas secret. No one was ever using “eye of newt” and batwings in their preparations (though they did and some of us still do use some poisonous plants like belladonna, nightshade and henbane in spells).

Take care if someone tells you especially to use blood or other biological materials like semen, urine and saliva. Steer clear of such practices as there is truly no good reason to tie biological materials into spell casting when it is far more useful to have a photo of the person and their birthdate for the spell to be directed.

Furthermore a spellcaster is the one who should be working the sympathetic nature in the casting or ritual itself, not the client for whom the spell is intended. The client should only have to follow up through appropriate energy-adding instructions.

Magick works through the inherent energy and universal force of all things. It is of a quantum nature not biological.

Change Your Mind & Change Your Life


I have a new spell that I’m offering that I hope will help some of my clients, specifically the ones who come to me every week asking if I can change their gender.

For the record – no, I absolutely cannot change you biologically from a man into a woman or a woman into a man. There is no way to do this using magick and anyone who tells you that there is, is positively a con-artist!

Currently the only solution for gender dysphoria and transgender issues is through medical science – hormones, plastic surgery for body modification and therapy.

I have developed a spell that can help with transgender issues specifically focusing on your own mind, which can ultimately help you to transform into the gender you are most comfortable with.

The spell works on you to help ease your mind-set to the gender you choose. This can aid then in making further decisions about your new life, new identity and new gender.

You won’t wake up one morning as a biological woman (if you are a man desiring to be female) but in your mind you will be and that can make all the difference in the next steps you take using the available treatments.

It is about accepting yourself and your new life – this spell has extra courage, protection and calm included. I crafted it  to help clients with such issues as this but also to help them make hard decisions of any kind, like breaking up with someone or making a clean slate. This spell is a purge of your old life and mind-set and can be exactly what you need to start living your authentic life.

Check it out: 
Change Your Mind Spell

What Spells Cannot Do


I need to repeat this because I still get so many inquiries about it. Granted there may be some out there from kids who are just having some fun but it scares me a little to think there could actually be people who believe in such things. Now after that brutal stabbing in Wisconsin with the two 12 year old girls who allegedly “believed” they were in communication with a fictional horror story character, I need to make things as clear as I possibly can.

There are no spells to turn people into werewolves, vampires and mermaids. No one anywhere has spells that can do this for the main reason that these are FICTIONAL characters that do not exist in the real world. Even if they did exist there are no spells that can turn a human from being a human into another biological being. That is beyond fiction, it is fairy-tale, Hollywood stuff.

I have written about gender dysphoria before as well since I get weekly inquiries from people who want to change their gender.

Before you write to me to ask me to turn you from a man into a hot sexy woman (they almost always are men who want to be hot, sexy women, which seems odd to me and fetishistic considering that if you are truly suffering from gender dysphoria wouldn’t it simply be ok to change your gender into a woman and then work out the hot, sexy part on your own?) please consider the following:


Have you met anyone who has changed their gender through a spell and NOT sexual reassignment surgery?

Have you heard of anyone who has changed their gender through magickal means and not surgery? This would be rather a big story, sort of like Chastity Bono becoming Chaz Bono and going on “Dancing with the Stars”, so it would be all over the news, online, a really big story that transpeople can now change their biological gender through magick.

Gender reassignment surgery is tens of thousands of dollars (depending on what you have done), up at $80K for the full monty (no pun intended) if you are a male to female with complete surgery. How much do you think a spell would cost that involved no surgery, no pain, no recovery time and that made you hot and sexy to boot?

Gender dysphoria is serious and people need help to deal with it and that help can easily be found online in many resources but witches and magick are NOT one of them.


Other things spells cannot do:

Change your eye color.

Change your skin color.

Change your hair length, texture and color.

Alter your looks in any way.

Make you taller or shorter.

Give you muscles.

Give you enlarged body parts of any kind.

Help you with biological conditions (that’s where science comes in, folks!).

Turn you into an animal.


It is understandable that we all gravitate toward some degree of fantasy and that’s fine when kept in perspective, but do not confuse fantasy with reality.

Real magick is always based upon Natural Law. Unless you routinely run across werewolves, vampires, mermaids, immortals and men who have instantly been turned into hot, sexy women, there is no chance there will be a spell to make this happen.

And if you do routinely run into the aforementioned perhaps you have a little more on your plate than needing a spell!

Magick Time


It bears repeating that magick is not instant. It is one of the most complicated parts of spellcasting for my clients to deal with. They want that “Bewitched” instant magick, that Hollywood movie magic, where the spell is cast and instantly everything takes shape and they all lived happily ever after.

But that’s in the movies and on TV and not real life. In real life, anything worth having takes time, even when using spells to motivate and inspire and move things along. You can’t run over time, it is the great equalizer.You have to give time its due.

Magick will work when it works – especially in complicated situations involving multiple people and states of free will. You can use magick to influence, even coerce to a point but not to control. I had a client who thought that a spell was mind-control over her person of desire. That is simply never the case because magick works according to natural law and free will is part of natural law.

When you have a spell cast the last thing you need to be thinking about is hurry, hurry, time is running out, it has to be now! There is no way to control this, so you will only exasperate yourself.

The best thing to do is have your spell cast and then just go on with whatever it is that you do. The world and Universe will not stop because a spell was cast and neither should you. You aren;t really “waiting” for the spell to manifest. It’s that the spell manifests when it is able to, when obstacles have been overcome, when the path to your desires is clear and then the spell will manifest.

Don’t wait for it. Trust it. Your faith above all else is the power it needs.

Give it time.

Finding Magick

I recently had a consultation with a client who assured me that although they were contacting me about casting a spell, they were skeptical that it would even work.

I understand being skeptical about magick, for a layperson who is not educated int he ways of how spells work, it is an entirely new world. A certain amount of healthy skepticism is natural, even recommended. Use that inquisitiveness to investigate your caster and to do some research on what they discuss with you about your case.

But belief in magick is paramount to believing that a spell will work for you at all. If you come to me and tell me that you are skeptical that a spell will work for you or that you are skeptical about magick in general I will tell you to not bother purchasing a spell. I am not here to convince you of your fundamental beliefs, I am here to cast spells to help those who believe that spells and magick can help them to achieve their desires.

I am not a witchcraft evangelist. I’m not going to ask you to sign-up and join a coven. I’m not going to recommend that you become a pagan or witch or begin lighting candles constantly for every last thing. You come to me and have a need to change in your life and I will help you with spells that will use your focused will and intention to affect change. What your system of beliefs is, is entirely up to you – however it will help greatly if you believe in magick.

Because if you do, I promise you – you will find it.

Black Friday is soon


I’m trying to cope with the fact that Thanksgiving is almost here and can barely get my head around that and already the Black Friday ads are coming to my inbox fast and furious. I always have a little to-do at mysticspells.com myself that lasts from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Unlike some retail outlets however my sales are not starting on Thanksgiving. Actually my sales will be starting RIGHT NOW for my mailing list members! How cool am I?

Here’s the skinny on my Black Friday Deals:

  • All spells less than $300 are 25% off the posted prices.
  • All spells $300 and up are 50% off the posted prices.
  • All readings will be on sale (with posted SALE prices).
  • My Yuletide Money Spell will be available at a special low price.
  • Payment plans will be available for ALL SPELLS.
  • Every purchase between now and Cyber Monday become eligible for the super offering of my YEAR OF FREE SPELLS contest!

Time to Manifest


I recently cast a spell for myself. It seemed to begin manifestation right away but then it seemed to not actually be manifesting. I forgot to take into account a celestial barrier (Mercury Retrograde) and my patience had been wearing a bit thin. When the spell started to manifest after several weeks it was a superb lesson for me in remaining positive, not rushing ahead of my spell-work and being PATIENT. Now the spell is manifesting beautifully (even during the retrograde).

Clients sometimes write to me several days following  my casting or a week or two later and are upset because “nothing has happened”. They ask me why they haven’t gotten the results they are looking for and often this is regarding cases that are so multi-layered and complex that it could take months for the complete manifestation to occur.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – MAGICK IS NOT INSTANT!

It just does not work that way my dears, no matter how many times I cast a particular spell, for each person that I cast it for, it will manifest differently. There are so many factors to take into consideration and as you know (since I have told you many times in my postings here) magick likes the path of least resistance. The more complex your situation is the more potential obstacles there are. That translates to you needing as much patience as possible.

Many situations that people are involved in have been going on for years and it is wrong to expect a spell to handle and fix everything in a matter of days or a week. What has been done may have taken considerable time and even though spells tend to “cut to the chase” the Universe works the way it does, at its own pace and cares nothing for our impatience.

So how do you deal with things as you are waiting for manifestation of your spell?

Use your focused will and intention. Practice meditation. Ground and center yourself. Use reiki. Focus on a favorite hobby. Throw yourself into your work, your friendships, your family. Clean and organize. There are many ways for you to live your life and let the spell do its thing.

You need not check in with the spell to see if its working. You don’t have to email me every few days or every week to see if I know something that you do not. You will KNOW your spell is manifesting before I do. Chances are it will occur to you – not like a bolt out of the blue but when you are relaxing, focused on something else entirely and you’ll think – oh my Goddess (this was me) that spell  manifested. This is as it should be. Do not obsess over your spell. It will only create YOU as an obstacle to it manifesting and you certainly do not want that.

However it is best to keep in contact with me so a year does not pass and you email me and say oh by the way that spell didn’t manifest. A year later there is nothing I can do for you. Keep current with me and we will tackle any challenges that arise together.

Be patient. All good things come to those who wait. And all spells manifest at their own time.



On the summer solstice this year (in three days) I am casting a special spell that i created from a dream. I’d like to tell you about the dream.

In the dream I was in a house that seemed haunted. I was having some kind of pagan get-together, all women except for my brother who was there and promised he would make himself scarce. The house was a combination of the first apartment I had in college and a Victorian house I lived in once in Key West.

The spirits in the house seemed threatened by this gathering of women and strange things started happening. At first everyone was a little nervous but I said not to worry for I would commune with the Goddess and find out how to cleanse the house of the evil spirits.

The Dark Goddess The Morrigan appeared then in the living room and with her was Green Tara. The Dark Goddess and The Light Goddess. They gave me the ritual, they spoke to me and through me and their influence cleansed the house of the evil spirits but better than that it brought to me a great gift of courage and love that helped me later in the dream to heal my troubled relationship (with Gerard Butler – hey – it was a DREAM, come on!).

For weeks I worked on the real world application of what transpired in the dream. That led me to create a love spell for balance between the forces of the dark and the forces of the light.

I think its pertinent too  that the perfect time to cast this spell is right in the middle of the year on the summer solstice.

Spots for the spell are going fast – I only have three left!

Click here to go right to the spell.