13 Signs You Are A Witch


I didn’t write this list – that credit goes to Sarah Durham Wilson. You can read the entire article at this link. My notes are below in bold red.

1. Earth Powers.

A witch is a woman of the earth. We inherit her natural powers of birth, transformation, healing, rebirth. These are the powers of woman, one in the same with the powers of the earth.“Where there is woman, there is magic.” ~ Ntozake Shange
Do you find the answers to life through the patterns of Mother Nature? Is her wisdom your wisdom? Are you, your life and body, aligned with her seasons? For instance, are you on fire — sexually and creatively in the Summer, letting go and cutting out what does not serve in the Fall, dying to the old in the dark silence of Winter, and reborn in the Spring?

For me I have always lived my life seasonally, even here in Florida where there really is only one season – summer. I love the summer most but respond to the harvest theme of Autumn, the comfort of Winter and the Renewal of Spring. I lived my life according to the Wheel of the Year without even knowing it at first.

2. Wisdom.

Do you find yourself bubbling from an internal cauldron of ancient natural healing wisdom? Are people drawn to you to sit by your fire and discuss life and all its fury, pain, love and wonder? Do you end up sending them off with hope in their hearts, and perhaps a tincture, a potion, an herbal remedy (you are familiar with the properties of plants), or even a ritual or two?

I was the “Dear Abby” for all of my friends in grade school, junior high, high school and college (and after). I was always solving problems for everyone or helping to guide them to solutions themselves. There was a lot of guiding and intuition involved in my friendships. It was a role that came naturally to me.

3. Nature.

Do you live by or in the woods, or by a body of water — and if not, do you long to? Witches, being intricately intertwined with nature, embodying the powers of the Great Mother herself, long to be as close to her natural beauty and power as possible. Many do their rituals by the water or in the woods. You have most likely always felt at home in nature.

I grew up in nature with woods, a brook in the backyard, horses and  tons of forest around to ride horses and explore on my childhood adventures. We spent the summers on Cape Cod at the beach and would take long drives to see the foliage in the Fall and enjoyed the snowy afternoons in the Winter. My life has always revolved around incorporating nature into my daily life in one form or another from growing and harvesting/drying herbs, to foraging, collecting wood for a fire, exploring animal life and living off the land.

4. Storms.

Are you not afraid of storms? In fact do you revel in the power of Mother Nature at her most visceral? And do you sometimes wonder if you yourself — your passion and energy — caused the storm?

I am a storm lover, especially of rain (not too fond of wind but that’s a real fear here in Florida of hurricanes and having been in a couple and run from more than a few, they make me a little nervous) and I loved snowstorms in my childhood too.

5. Animal Nature.

Are animals naturally attracted to you, and do you love them as well, so much that you cry empathetically with the creatures of this planet? Do you naturally know their totems, and find wisdom and insight in their visits/appearances in your life? Do lost dogs follow you home, do birds fly into your windows, do horses rush towards you in the fields and place their long necks on your shoulders? Do you find you can speak to them? Heal them? Witches and animals are so aligned with nature that they speak a similar energetic language and recognize each other.

For me cats have always followed me (a clear sign you may be a witch since they are our primary familiars) and have been my deepest animal soul connections. I have too loved dogs, felt a kinship with birds of prey, crows nd ravens and loved to ride and keep horses. I have always had a calming energy toward animals that they respond to intuitively and I daresay that I have often preferred the company of animals to many people.

6. The Moon.

Are you drawn, pulled, and moved by the moon’s energy? Have you gazed at her, spoken to her, been flooded by her light since you were a little girl? Are you aligned with her phases? For instance, do you start new projects and relationships when she waxes (grows full), do things peak and culminate — and tend to go a little crazy — around you while she is full, and are you drawn to let things go, or end relationships and patterns, as she wanes? On the New Moon, in the darkest of nights, do you sit with the mystery, the emptiness and unknown, the potential and possibility of the dark? Do you dream up new plans in the dark of the new moon?

7. Powerful.

Do you have more than a sneaking suspicion that your wishes come true — good or bad, and are you perhaps a little cautious and in awe of your own power? Have you been called an old soul on the reg? Witches are as old as time; your eyes — the windows to your soul — hold ancient stories and secrets, myths and mysteries, answers and possibilities. You were probably speaking ancient truths and wisdom even — or especially — before you forgot your magic, as a little child.

8. Healing.

Are you drawn to the healing arts? Do you tend to seek natural or energetic remedies for yourself, and do you offer them to others? Have you ever laid a hand on someone’s bad back, which was fixed the next day? People might also heal just by being around you. Witches, being so attuned to the earth, are natural healers.

9. Past Life Memories.

Do you have painful past life memories or images of being cast out, burned, or drowned — just for being wild, wise, and free you?
Most importantly, are you scarred from for being different, not conforming, for loving who you wanted to love, for speaking the truth/saying what you were called to say — in an old lifetime? This is karma you are awake to heal. It is time to not be afraid, and to be your you-est you. This is how you will heal your karma, by being unafraid to live your fullest expression. It is your time.

10. Outsider-ness.

Have you always felt a little bit of an outsider — nose pressed against the glass of life on earth, while knowing you were actually an insider of a magical tribe, with insider wisdom? While you never fit in the norm, you knew there was something sacred, secret, special about you — a magic just a few other magical people could see. You do not run with big crowds; you are a bit more of a sensitive but powerful lone wolf; you need a lot of time to think, dream, recharge, and commune with Source — Nature/The Universe/The Goddess.

11. Mystical Crystals/Accouterments.

You are drawn to beautiful rocks — pieces of earth energy — and you have kept stones like clear quartz, turquoise, rose quartz around you for as long as you can remember, even if you did not know their properties at the time. They were either given to you, or you picked them up along the way and collected at least a few.Witches know the properties of the earth’s stones and charge them with — among other things — healing, love, abundance and protective benefits, and are often wearing their special stones in jewelry. You also love to keep candles around and lit — because candles are invitations to spirits and angels, and create a more magical, divine vibe. And you probably like a good, energy-clearing sage or incense.

12. Magic.

Did you believe in magic as a child, see magic in the air and in life? Were you drawn to magical things, creatures, fables, stories, even as you grew older, despite everyone telling you “There Was No Such Thing?”
And despite the rest of the world not believing, did you save some room in your heart for tales of magic, love, and the mystical and mysterious — anyway? Were you drawn to movies and books about witches, magic, the spooky, the mystical, the unknowable? Have you always thought there was no such thing as a coincidence, that we were not really alone, and this was not all there was? Do you believe that no-thing means nothing — in other words, everything means something? Do you believe in signs and symbols?

13. Divination.

Speaking of signs and symbols — you get premonitions, as if you have an internal crystal ball. When you are talking about what you think will happen, people tend to perk up and listen. Sometimes you see or feel outcomes — flash forwards — so far ahead that you find it frustrating when others have not caught up with you! You have dreams and visions, of past lives and the future.
And you can read other people and their energy and intentions fairly well. You have Sixth Sense. It is also a reason why you are drawn to Tarot, Runes, or other mist-parting divination.


Biological materials? No need.


I recently got an email from a client who told me that she had worked with a voodoo caster who told her to put menstrual blood in something she was serving to her potential love interest. Whoa, girl do NOT do that, I told her immediately hoping that she had no already done so.

Magick is sympathetic in nature meaning that witches and voudons and other magick practitioners use herbs, candles, crystals and other items in spells and rituals. Some use biological materials in their spells and although I understand the significance of its use, in this day and age it simply is not necessary to resort to these practices.

Magick is energy ultimately; it does not rely on biological materials for the efficacy of spells. Many spellcasters use this as some kind of magickal mystique to keep things spooky. The darker the spells often the creepier the ingredients involved.

The truth is creepy ingredients in spells is a considerable misnomer. often spells listed ingredients in the form of code to keep the actual formulas secret. No one was ever using “eye of newt” and batwings in their preparations (though they did and some of us still do use some poisonous plants like belladonna, nightshade and henbane in spells).

Take care if someone tells you especially to use blood or other biological materials like semen, urine and saliva. Steer clear of such practices as there is truly no good reason to tie biological materials into spell casting when it is far more useful to have a photo of the person and their birthdate for the spell to be directed.

Furthermore a spellcaster is the one who should be working the sympathetic nature in the casting or ritual itself, not the client for whom the spell is intended. The client should only have to follow up through appropriate energy-adding instructions.

Magick works through the inherent energy and universal force of all things. It is of a quantum nature not biological.

Finding Magick

I recently had a consultation with a client who assured me that although they were contacting me about casting a spell, they were skeptical that it would even work.

I understand being skeptical about magick, for a layperson who is not educated int he ways of how spells work, it is an entirely new world. A certain amount of healthy skepticism is natural, even recommended. Use that inquisitiveness to investigate your caster and to do some research on what they discuss with you about your case.

But belief in magick is paramount to believing that a spell will work for you at all. If you come to me and tell me that you are skeptical that a spell will work for you or that you are skeptical about magick in general I will tell you to not bother purchasing a spell. I am not here to convince you of your fundamental beliefs, I am here to cast spells to help those who believe that spells and magick can help them to achieve their desires.

I am not a witchcraft evangelist. I’m not going to ask you to sign-up and join a coven. I’m not going to recommend that you become a pagan or witch or begin lighting candles constantly for every last thing. You come to me and have a need to change in your life and I will help you with spells that will use your focused will and intention to affect change. What your system of beliefs is, is entirely up to you – however it will help greatly if you believe in magick.

Because if you do, I promise you – you will find it.

The Light in Winter

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I’ve lived in Florida a long time. So long that it’s hard for me to recall winter, all the snow, the freezing cold temps in the morning when you get in the tingling cold front seat of the car, how long it takes the heater to kick in, the layers upon layers of clothes (I had to unwrap myself after the long walk to school when I was in college, eventually I became so hearty I just wore a sweater, jean jacket and big scarf, ah youth!) to keep warm,; for over 20 years that has been nothing but a memory.

I miss the coziness of Winter. The fire in the fireplace in my parents house. My mother still offering hot chocolate with mini marshmallows like I was seven years old. Snugly socks and a big throw to keep warm while watching TV. Winter and Christmas – well there’s a perfect match of course. Food tastes better cooked forever, hearty stews and soups and Winter was for my mother, the season of baking.

Being a witch is really a seasonal deal. We abide by the seasons and focus on the “Wheel of the Year” through the sabbats we celebrate. Here in Florida, that covers us fairly well until Fall, though the leaves here do not change we have a kind of Autumn. But there is no Winter. Certainly here in Ocala it does get very cold (not like in South Florida), sometimes dropping into the 30’s and you do need boots and gloves and a coat and I have a plush throw and quilt on my bed. But there is no real Winter. While it snows in the North, the sun shines here in the South.

At night however when it gets cold I do celebrate my memories of Winter by lighting a fire in the fire-pit to assist in my casting. That is my favorite part of casting outside in the cold months (though they are short here in Florida). I build a beautiful little fire and settle in my chair outside with my cushy blanket, a cup of hot tea and everything I need to make magick, which is somewhat gilding the lily since in the cold, by the light of the fire sparking in the night, it’s already magick.

Witchcraft Medicine


I’ve been practicing my share of  Witchcraft Medicine lately as I have been recovering from my medical crisis that happened in late July. Things are moving along, I use a “knee walker” (a great alternative to crutches) to get around which keeps me walking and upright (and is incidentally pretty good exercise) and I have ten more days of antibiotic treatment left. I have more energy and strength now and keep working my healing spells concurrently with traditional medicine .

There are many herbs which can be used in teas (and I make use of them believe me) to help reduce inflammation. I have also been having green tea to help settle my stomach from the harsh antibiotics and that definitely helps.

Getting my energy back has been very important and I am happy to report that I have been feeling so much better this past week – able to do more and move out faster and my casting has been more spirited too. I know other witch-sisters and brothers have been sending healing energy my way and – I feel it.

It may yet be a couple more months staying off my foot but I feel quite certain that the best possible outcome will be achieved and I will be back in perfect working order in no time.

Meanwhile this upcoming month is my birthday month and I usually do some great sales – plus  this is semi-milestone birthday of 45. Not quite crone-dom yet but – wow – the witch is aging!

What to tell the Witch

Magick works wonders but when you are my client I need you to be as forthcoming as possible with me. You can certainly work with me by barely telling me much of anything about your situation however the more in tune with you that I become the more focused and more powerful my spellcasting will be. To that end I have come up with a list of things it is great for me to know about you and your situation when you write to me with an inquiry. I will be cross publishing this list over at mysticspells.com  as well.

  1. I will need your name, birthdate and a photo of you and of anyone else involved in the spell (if possible, sometimes you may not know someone’s birthdate or have a photo. As long as I have yours we can work with this but it is best for me to have birthdates and photos on everyone).
  2. Please tell in concise terms what you are looking for – often I ask clients to list the top 3-5 desires or things they want to see happen. Give me at least three. Many spells focus on three conditions. Not all spells will actually focus on conditions but this is just a broad idea to help you narrow down your desires.
  3. Give me some background on the situation. If this is about a relationship try as much as possible to give me a TIMELINE OF EVENTS – it is good for me to have a perspective of what has occurred, it makes it much easier for me to focus when I know the history.
  4. Give me information about you – tell me about yourself, what you do, where you live, your past history (if relevant) anything that you can think of that it will be good for me to know about you. Like for instance if you have a history of difficult relationships, this is good for me to know. If you have issues with your friends interfering in your life or your family trying to control you, this is good to know. Let me know what is important to you as a person – are you independent or clingy? Do you need direction? Are you depressed or anxious? Do you have any alcohol/substance abuse issues? Does anyone you are involved with have them? Things like this can be very relevant in how your spell is going to manifest.
  5. Let’s address potential obstacles head on! It does me no good to cast a spell on your boyfriend to get him to return to you if he is living with someone else. Consider that you have to use a Break-Up Spell first. I can discuss the best possible course of spellwork for you but you must give me full disclosure. If for instance you have an injunction against you or other legal issues that you do not tell me it will severely curtail the effectiveness of your spell. Everything you tell me is confidential.
  6. Make sure you read my FAQ and understand my policies and guarantee. You pay me for the spell I cast, not for results. Please understand that the work I do is very involved and that is what you are paying me for. My expertise is part of my payment as well, I offer you my years of service as a witch and my knowledge from over 25 years of casting spells.
  7. Do not lie to me.
  8. Follow my instructions. If I tell you to do something in the instructions – do it. If I tell you NOT to do something, do not do it. That means not obsessively texting or calling someone when I say not to. All this will do if impact the manifestation of your spell.
  9. Keep in contact with me. It does not have to be every day certainly and the emails or message on Facebook do not have to be long but I like to hear from my clients. I care about you and want to know how you are doing.
  10. Stay positive and be OPEN. It may be difficult to do this whatever your situation might be but clients who remain positive and OPEN to whatever the Universe will provide them have the greatest possible success with magick.

As always if you have any questions please email me at morrigane@mysticspells.com


Intention, Intention, Intention

When you are considering purchasing a spell you need to keep in mind that a spell is completely dependent on what your INTENTION is. Magick works using your FOCUSED WILL & INTENTION. Not just mine, as your spellcaster (that plays a part too) but ultimately what it is that you want to transpire.

A good way to know what you want is to write down the top three desires you have regarding your issues. In fact a number of spells will ask for this specifically either three or five desires that you would like to see manifest in your spell. This will help you to clarify what your intention is.

Let me give you a good example of pulling out your intention from your general desires regarding a spell.

The following is an example of a sample statement of intention:

Sample statement: “I want my ex-boyfriend John to return to me. I want to see him calling me and interested in spending time with me. I want to be in a closer relationship with him than we ever had previously. I want there to be no obstacles such as interlopers (other women) or friends of his that caused trouble in the past. I want our friendship and love to be strong and healthy. I want John to see me as I truly am and to desire me and no one else. I want John to remember all the good times we had and forget as much as he can about the problems we had. I want those problems to be eliminated. I want to see him eventually moving in with me again. I want him to be positive about our renewed love. I want to be positive as well. I want there to be no arguments about the kind of things we argued about previously. I want us to stay focused on being good partners to each other. I want his friends to be less of a factor in his life. I want to see him dedicated to a real commitment with me. I want to be the best that I can be with John; I want to be super confident and not clingy like I used to be. I want us to fall in love all over again and have this love eventually lead to marriage.”

Make sure that your statement uses the “I” format. This statement is for you so it can contain anything you would like to see happen, even if it seems selfish or even somewhat unrealistic. Just write down everything you want to see. All of it together is your intention. Once you have that statement of intention you will read through it and find the THREE most important declarations – the backbone of your statement that all other parts can fit into.

For instance in the statement above the three most important points are:

  1.  I want my ex-boyfriend John to return to me.
  2. I want our friendship and love to be strong and healthy.
  3. I want us to fall in love all over again and have this love eventually lead to marriage.

Thus for this intention – the client is looking to have her ex return to her, for their love to be strong and healthy and to have their renewed relationship end in marriage.

That is her particular intention for this spell she is having cast. That way you know exactly what you are looking for and you will use that intention to focus your will.

I will discuss WILL in my next post.

Making magick count

I have some clients who really know how to use their magick. They contact me for practical spells and we work together not just on one issue and one spell but for an integrated approach. I love to work with clients who do not see magick as just a quick fix when all else has failed them. This really lets me do my thing, to create a working and ritual that incorporates many levels of magick.

It always surprises me that more people to do not use magick for business and in school situations. I have had a number of clients request targeted business spells (spells for retail sales, real estate etc.) but I still would have thought more people might be interested at least enough to warrant a listing on the site but this has not happened. I’ve done my share of business talismans (also justice, love, health, beauty, prosperity, even ones for help with addiction recovery) and study talismans (for people in college  or for passing exams) but it still seems like people only come running to the witch if they are in dire need and it is a catastrophe of epic proportions.

It need not be however to use magick well in your life. I use it in all kinds of small ways on a daily basis.

A friend calls and tells me they are nervous because there has been some bad energy in their neighborhood, some mailbox bashings and break-ins so I cast a protection spell for them and send them a special sigil for them to put over their front door. This is a great way to use magick.

My beloved tells me that someone in his family is not well so I cast a healing candle spell and send positive healing energy to them.

Another friend tells me that her daughter has been having trouble in school so I cast a variation of Magnetic Attraction for her to draw the right kind of people to her.

Open yourself to using magick in countless ways. Contact me if you have a situation that you might not have considered using a spell for and lets find the right spell together!

Witchy Women

Had fun last night watching a special repeat Biography on Witches. Two witches I know personally were interviewed Laurie Cabot, “The Official Witch of Salem” and dear Silver Ravenwolf, one of my mentors through her books, crafts, business – just about everything. More than any witch I have known (personally) she has influenced how I do business and how I approach witchcraft.

I can quote her books practically by heart and have always had the most wonderful interactions with her. Her books and her work was a beacon of light to me at a time when I was very much alone in my craft (except always for the support of my mother) after being away from it for a number of years. Silver’s books are often considered a little “fluffy bunny” by some but I’m quite happy with them the way they are. I like that they are incredibly positive and don’t deal with dark aspects so much, I have other influences for that.

I’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful teachers along my path and this TV special got me thinking about them.

I remember the first time I went to Manna Reading Center in Fort Myers, looking for supplies (this was way before you could buy everything on the internet) and the owners were somewhat surprised I was a witch because I didn’t look like one (neither did they, they were more like hippies). They told me that most people who came in had embraced the goth witch look. this got a dialogue going and we became friends thereafter and eventually I even came to know other witches and pagans who were more “suburban” like me. They used to joke all the time and call me “Samantha” from “Bewitched” because that was who I reminded them of!

I used to read Tarot sometimes in person many years ago and always had such fun with it, especially when I lived in Key West. This got me introduced to my Cuban Santeria mentors, two women I worked with from the local newspapers I wrote for, who took me in as a student and I studied Santeria for about 6 years. Studying this particular mystery opened me up to studying Hoodoo and Voudou as well.

I’m grateful to the many wonderful witches I have known like Vintage Luna and Johanna Rowantree, witches I have exchanged spells with, made candles for, oils, jewelry, it has all been so fulfilling. I support many pagan crafting enterprises and have for many years.

Of course my greatest witch inspiration of all is my mother who encouraged me since I was a child to find my own path. She is a daughter of Isis but has never practiced as a witch though she has taken part in many of circles and spellcastings from my younger days. It was her encouragement that has always allowed me to discover  my true self.

She is, in the spirit of true witchcraft, the wisest woman I know.


What’s in a name?


So many things have changed for me in the past five years. I lost my dear husband Sandy almost five years ago (this Christmas) and recently ended my long-term relationship with my beloved Eddie (we ended things in early June). I had a tumultuous  and difficult relationship with Eddie that I believe would not have survived as long as it did had I not used spells (The Love Hunter and Cupid’s Arrow plus a special custom spell that I will discuss at some point) to ease some of the issues present in that relationship.

Magick can do anything you need it to do (energetically that is, I cannot turn you into an immortal vampire) but there are times when you must put away the Book of Shadows and consider real-world implications and make hard decisions. I still love Eddie (I always will) but having a relationship with him is not possible and likely will never be because of the many complex problems he has.

Being true to myself then means knowing when to put a finish on it, which I did.

For the first time in 24 years I am on my own. I decided then to dedicate myself to one of my patron goddesses The Morrigan, as she is a Warrior Queen and that is the energy I most want to generate in my life. My other patron goddess is Green Tara but she is a Buddhist goddess, so I dedicate myself to her in a different way.

The Morrigan is pure Celtic magick all the way and she is the perfect namesake for the direction my magick is going in right now. I am proud to be named after her, using Morrigane (a derivative of her name) with a secret surname (if you email and ask I will tell you) that has to do with The Morrigan’s familiar, the Crow.

I am somwhat terrified of birds actually, so this is new territory for me and it’s very exciting.

This is me, the witch Morrigane, no apologies, no influences other than my own nature and the dark goddess whom I commune with.