Hoppy Easter (from yesterday)

It was really nice to have company and make a traditional Easter dinner. Because not everyone present was pagan (only three of us) we didn’t force the Ostara bit on anyone but we celebrated in our own way by having plenty of candles lit.

I made a ham with brown sugar glaze, asparagus in a cream sauce with herbs de provence, orange and pineapple sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes and a blueberry pie. Oh I grilled the pineapple for the ham too and glazed that as well. Came out great. The only thing I forgot were the biscuits! No one noticed though because there was so much else.

My brother Raymond unfortunately was still at work, so no Easter for him. He misses a lot of holidays working in the Gulf of Mexico.

I worked hard yesterday and then was right back to witchy work today as well as writing and doing readings. More readings tomorrow and spells too. I love being so busy. This was the busiest April I’ve had in three years, so it’s been great.

Making plans next for Beltane, so stay tuned!

Fixing my life

I was able to help my friend with a new spell and it has been manifesting well. There is still a way to go with that as the energy is ever-changing. I will absolutely have to stay on top of this for him to make sure we are working it to the best way possible.

I’ve been trying to fix a few things in my own life with magick which is something I rarely do. I like to save my magickal energy for my clients and other projects I am working on so casting spells for myself is usually a low priority.

However on 10-10-10 along with my Reaping Rewards spell that I cast for my clients I also did a special spell for myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve crafted such a personal spell and it was very intense to complete.

I did both workings outside, the weather was perfect, cool enough for a fire but temperate so I didn’t need a jacket.

After I finished the first working (which took a while since there were quite a few of them) I did my spell for myself.

I lit the fragrant and anointed parchment and watched it burn, flames snaking along the edges until it eventually became a pile of grey ash. It smoldered a bit which is usually a good sign that there is residual energy and a portends that there is more to come. This unnerved me a little considering what I was casting the spell for but I took it ultimately as a good sign.

What happened at the end was the most interesting, since the energy I had conjured brought animals from the night out of the woods toward me. I was surprised to hear so much activity out there. I saw animals running along my back fence and noises in the trees. Animals are often drawn to such energies but usually it’s pretty quiet here in the suburbs. That night was different. It was a sign.

I’m at a crossroads, a place I’ve been before magickally (standing there asking Papa Legba to grace me) but never like this. Part of me is standing back to observe because it’s so difficult to fathom the conditions of what is occurring and the rest of me has thrown myself into the fray completely.

It will be interesting to see how it manifests.

Ten Questions for Morrigane

This is borrowed from James Lipton on “Inside the Actors Studio” but someone sent them to me so I thought I’d post them.

1. What is your favorite word?
It’s difficult to pick a favorite for me because I like so many words. Right now it is “torpor”.

2. What is your least favorite word?

3. What turns you on?
It is more whom.

4. What turns you off?

5. What sound do you love?
My mother calling, heh-loooo to me.

6. What sound do you hate?
Angry voices.

7. What is your favorite curse word?
Freakin’. And the four letter version of it.

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

9. What profession would you not like to do?

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God (Goddess, thank you) say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
I’m glad you’re here now we can really get this place into shape.

Holiday Hangover

Not the kind from excessive alcohol consumption (though I did have an eggnog with brandy last night) but from the rush leading up to the holidays and the aftermath.

In all it was a great holiday; I really threw myself into the planning for Yule and Christmas and that helped me through the difficulty of a sad anniversary (two years since my husband passed away on December 22nd ). It was wonderful to have my family here (my brother rarely gets Christmas off), so this was very special for all of us.

We celebrated on Christmas Eve with a dinner at my house with my family. My neice gave me a lovely Aunt card which was incredibly special to me. I’ve always wanted to be an aunt since I never planned on having children and I was a bit disappointed that my brother never had kids. Enter my dear sister-in-law Lisa with her daughter and PRESTO! I am an Aunt! I really love it – I get to spoil Krystina and the bonus is she isn’t a kid so I also get a groovy friend too.

I had a wonderful dessert called Killarney cake which is my new favorite thing – ever! It was made by my sister-in-laws mother and it was delicious!

We exchanged gifts and I got wonderful things – I hope everyone enjoyed their gifts from me too.

I’ve updated the site with my After Christmas Sale event which includes some slashed prices on great spells, a couple that I’ve never put on sale before. There is something for everyone and the sale will run through January 7, 2010. Click here to see what’s on sale.

I’ll be sending out spells from the last casting before the holidays and casting again on the Blue Moon which is on New Year’s Eve. Anyone purchasing spells between now and then will get the benefit of that wonderful rare power day – so please take advantage!


Every day I give thanks in my journal. I write about the people I love and the spells I have cast for friends and family and give thanks to the Goddess for helping me through the good times and the not so good times. I honor the Buddhist Goddess Tara (She is my patron Goddess) with Her mantra OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA!

The connection I have with Green Tara (Her Tibetan Buddhist name) is immensely powerful. I know that when I honor Her with offerings and prayers that She helps guide me to the best life I can possibly live. The Goddess for me is an aspect of the interconnectedness of all things. She is the Great Mother (like Isis), the most powerful form of creation. She exists in every religion on Earth.

Day by day though, She and I have a communication of gratitude. I thank Her for helping me to sort out my issues and for giving my spells power and focus. It may seem silly to ask the Goddess to listen to my concerns yet I know She listens, I know that She gives me Her special attention because I keep Her in my heart always. She is me and I am Her.

Thinking about what I am thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches I am reminded of how I start every day praying to the Goddess and chanting Her mantra. It is said that to invoke Green Tara one only needs speak Her mantra and She will bestow Her blessings upon you. I cannot tell you how often I have found this to be true.

Today I am grateful for a sweet black and white tomcat who visits me lately in the evening on my back porch. His presence doesn’t thrill my Lucy too much (she hisses at him through the window on the back door) but she indulges me by letting me sit outside with him. He doesn’t seem to be a stray but a neighborhood cat as his fur is quite clean and he is well-fed. Still he should have a collar on with tags of pertinent information if his owners allow him outside.

Of course I don’t believe in letting cats outside since they are small creatures and need to be taken care of. They live twice as long as cats who go outside and they don’t bring home fleas and feline diseases. I believe my new friend is neutered though which is good. I call him Raphael because he is like an angel. He is personable and I so enjoy spending some time in the cool night air with him curling about my legs and raising his big head up to meet my hand to get scritches.

He has bonded with me and I am honored to have his attention. He is an angel (to me as a Buddhist this would be a Bodhisattva) and we all must take time to sit with the angels and show them our gratitude.

Thoughts on Family

I just finished tonight’s casting and will have to complete everything else tomorrow. I am too tired to continue. I started about 10pm (took a nap first) then went out to do the “Drawing Down the Moon” ritual. I love that ritual. It used to be nice where I lived previously (Fort Myers) because we had a lake behind the house and I would toss a bouquet of white flowers as an offering to the Goddess. It did get a little dicey though because the houses were close and there I would be completely naked praying to the Goddess. I am so kidding about that! I do not do rituals outside sky-clad – not even if it was just the Goddess & me! I don’t particularly want to be eaten by mosquitoes and that is why witches have robes for heaven’s sake!

I may be a little punchy right now. I came in and had a nice salad and some pizza (important always to nourish after a casting – such an energy drain) and then finished up the packaging in the altar room. I’ll be sending things out on Monday I expect. I really want to spend the weekend taking it easy since I helped in moving this week and started some organization projects in my home office as well as creating the layout for the new update. It has been a busy last couple of weeks.

We’ve got another woman for my brother’s harem (as we joke) in the form of his mother-in-law and this is a lovely addition to the bunch. I adore my extended family and am happy to have them close-by.

I’m absolutely besotted with my niece! She is 21, smart, savvy, sexy and so much fun. We like many of the same things –  books, music, movies. It is wonderful to have someone young but also wise beyond her years around to talk with. It reminds me of when I started my own journey with witchcraft, I was like a sponge! I wanted to know everything. My niece is like this, she has many varied interests; art, theatrical make-up, architecture, cooking and the world is her oyster.

Female energy (Goddess energy) is very powerful and it draws others to a circle of its own volition. It is no wonder that we are all here together because once it begins as a collective it shines a beacon to draw others in. It increases the power of all spells and rituals. Imagine how much I am looking forward to Samhain! This will be a truly awe-inspiring event this year, five women and the thinnest veil between the worlds – talk about magick!

Now is the time for rest and relaxation though. Time to recharge.

Summer Rain

I finally took a break today after two full days of casting. I was obliterated. I had so many candles going at one point I was starting to sweat, even with the coolness of the A/C. The altar was ablaze and there was a heady scent of pine and bayberry for a special success candle ritual I was doing. It was so strong it was like being in a pine grove. Ah, Christmas in July!

I love that in the Fall and Winter when it is cooler I can do so much of my work outside at the fire-pit but during the summer months I mostly stay inside for castings. Just too hot out there and the mosquitoes love to dine on me.

I was reading several new witchy books, one of them I mentioned on Twitter, a great Herbal, as we witches call them (essentially a guide to magickal herbs) and even though I have many books like these I still like to keep my hand in.

I opened the window in my room and little Lucy (my darling girl kitty) picked her nose up to inhale the balmy summer scent. Then in a flash of quick cloud-cover there was a low rumble of thunder and gorgeous summer rain fell in glittery sheets in the backyard.

Lucy hopped up into the window to get a better look and I put aside the book and listened to my favorite sound.

There was a little more thunder but it wasn’t very close and it rained for a good half hour until I saw a sliver of sunlight illuminate the dark wetness of the grass.

Lucy got bored and went off to do more important cat things and I curled up again with my book feeling such a sense of gentle peace with the earth.

Thank you Goddess for the summer rain.

When a witch gets the flu…

…she drinks an inordinate amount of herbal tea with honey!

I’m not much good when I get sick and fortunately it is very rare. This time I had been traveling and obviously was like a healthy magnetic to germs. I recall being in the diner where my mother and I had our Christmas dinner and there was someone behind her who coughed in my direction. After the typical gestation, on Saturday when we were coming home I felt a scratch in my throat.

This devilish infection took a dastardly turn by the start of the week and I was feverish and achingly unwell. A trip to the doctor was called for since my herbal remedies were not touching it. I go to the doctor once a year at most and only in the most dire of circumstances. Years ago I became my own healer and have done very well with it except when regarding cold viruses.

I was lucky to have my wits about me for casting on Thursday and I seemed to get better by inches over the next couple of days. Now on my 8th day I am stuck with laryngitis, the occasional throaty chest rattling cough and a sniffle.

I have used herbal remedies to some success before a cold makes its home which I could have done if I had not been traveling. Usually that involves fistfuls of raw garlic cloves (you read that right) that I will eat for several days to knock a cold out of my system. I do not eat completely raw garlic however – I eat pickled garlic which means I am not offensive to all those around me. Being Italian helps since I love garlic in any guise.

That coupled with powerful herbal tisanes and the best honey I can get my hands on usually prevents most viral maladies.

I also have a cough syrup that I make with cayenne pepper, ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar and spring water which really seems to soothe and keep me from suffering too much.

The upside to this (if you can find one) is that I was forced to slow down. Most of the time I am going full-charge, working, household stuff, cooking, shopping, visiting friends and family and rarely take time out to just curl up in a soft blanket and watch movies. I did plenty of that this past week and frankly – I AM GOING NUTS!

Some people are just not meant to take it that slow.

I am looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow and I have family coming in this week  so this should be really good for me. I hope my voice is back soon! (Though my family will probably wish it isn’t!)

A Holly Jolly Christmas – Away!

I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine! What did you do? Have a traditional Christmas holiday with friends and family? Or did you try something new like I did this year?

Some of you may recall that last Christmas my husband passed away.  Considering that this would be an emotional time for me on the first anniversary of his passing, my mother suggested that we get away for the holidays and make some new traditions.

We weren’t sure if it was going to be possible but at the last minute (and because of understanding family members) we were able to get out of town for the entire holiday!

We didn’t go far (just across the state to Fort Lauderdale, one of my favorite places in Florida) but it was like another world compared to Ocala and it was a break I really needed.

We stayed in a great hotel, got the royal treatment and had an incredible dinner at Sublime, a gourmet vegan restaurant. Father Christmas himself could not have delivered a more appreciated gift.

On Christmas day we drove down to Miami Beach and checked out the festivities on South Beach. Surprisingly – everything was open! Shops and restaurants and tons of people were at the beach too. Back in Fort Lauderdale things were much quieter, there were only a few places open for dinner. We ended up at a retro place called Moonlite Diner and it was fantastic. The entire day was leisurely and relaxed, the first time in a long time that I felt this way.

It is good to be back though since I missed my Lucy and my mother missed her kitty too. We also missed family time but fortunately we will be able to have our own holiday together when my brother comes home next week.

I did get one unwelcome parting gift however from my holiday away – a Christmas cold! Oh well, you can’t have everything!