Holiday Spirit


It’s almost the middle of December and I still haven’t decorated for Christmas or Yule. Yule is right around the corner, only ten days away until it’s time to light the Yule log. I don’t know why I’m not feeling the holiday spirit this year. I just don’t feel connected to anything going on regarding the holidays.

I was much more into things with my husband Sandy (who passed away 7 years ago this Christmas). I know my friends are quick to point out that losing my husband at Christmas is likely the reason why I don’t get too ramped up about celebrating the holidays. I’m sure that’s a part of it but I don’t know if that’s all of it. I feel more that Christmas isn’t what it used to be in this day and age, that it was more humble and meaningful when we weren’t so technologically advanced.

For some they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and I am down with that if it’s your thing (which obviously since I am a Buddhist Pagan, it’s not mine) but too often I see that Christmas, a time of goodwill toward all people is lip-service and all about getting something material that you wanted all year.

I’m grateful for all I have and want to give whatever I can to those who have less than I do or who have greater need. I feel that way though, all year long. I keep that spirit alive the other 11 months of the year, not out of obligation but because giving makes me feel really good.

Certainly better than getting some new techno-gift or a gifty thing that is not even need but desire.

Maybe I’ll find my Christmas mojo before the holidays start for me on Yule.

I’m not a Grinch, not usually.