What being a witch is for me.


I’ve been a witch for most of my life. I have not always discussed being a witch and usually did not tell this detail to people I met. Often I did not tell them even after them knowing me for many years (like all of my sorority sisters for instance had no idea). When I got married my husband did not know that I was a witch and had practiced, trained and dedicated part of my life to this since I was fifteen years old. He was non-religious himself (though raised as an Episcopal Christian) and we got married at the courthouse in Key West, so religion didn’t come into it.

In the course of our marriage and living our life together it became clear to him that I had quite an interest in several unusual things: crystals, herbs and candles. And altars. They were around our house for a number of different reasons all decorated with symbols, statuary, herbs and lit candles at different times and moon phases/sabbats. He remarked that he liked the spirituality of the altars but he never thought anything of it since we also had a lovely Christian altar with the Lady of Guadalupe and a number of antique medieval crosses.

Coming out as a witch to my husband and friends was not easy. I did it in steps and even today there are still some people in certain areas of my life who do not know and some who do know but have no understanding of what being a witch means to me.

My husband reacted as I thought he would – complete understanding and he thought it was very cool.  He even understood that I was Buddhist religiously though I still practiced witchcraft but not as a Wiccan. The truth is witchcraft fit perfecting into my practice of Buddhism and meditation. They compliment each other well.

My friends who knew me for years had no issues with it since they had suspected something was different about me. Accepting me as Buddhist helped them accept me as a witch who not only cast spells for herself and her loved ones but as a business and for my living.

It’s the people who turned their back on me however that were most alarming to me. How could someone accept me as a Buddhist but not accept me as a witch? The answer to that was unfortunately ignorance of what witchcraft is and being confused by Hollywood witchcraft (like Harry Potter) and the pervasive connection of witchcraft with Satanists (and there is no actual truth of any kind to that connection since Satanism is a perversion of Christianity not an earth-based pagan religion).

Witchcraft for me has nothing to do with superstitions, ghosts, evil or Hollywood witches. For me witchcraft is and always has been about connecting with NATURE and the Goddess (who in herself is NATURE).

So you can take all the things that you think witchcraft and magick are and safely store those away under hoo-ha in my opinion. The media does not represent witchcraft. The online world does not represent it (at least not the places where real witches gather to discuss things). Even groups that get together and practice or organized covens do not necessarily represent me as a witch (though I applaud their right to whatever kind of witchcraft they practice).

I don’t wear pentacles usually. I don’t wear goth makeup and clothes. I don’t act like Wednesday Addams or any gothified teenager or emo poster on Tumblr. I am a mature, educated woman who believes in the power of focused will and intention to instigate change. I believe in the power of nature. I believe in the connection of all things. I believe in the light of the Goddess and her consort the God, that we humans are created by both a mother and a father figure.

I love being a witch. I love casting spells. I love every aspect of it from growing herbs, drying them, making magickal herb mixes and gris-gris bags and mojos to scented oils to my own candles. I love writing spells in my Book of Shadows.  I love studying various mysteries. I love documenting my life and spiritual journey as a witch. I love meditating and practicing compassion. I love grounding and centering myself. I love casting a circle whether in my mind or ritually. I love crystals and semi-precious stones for healing and positive energy. I love dedicating my work to the Goddess and sitting in front of a bonfire casting spells in the moonlight as much as I love celebrating the sabbats like upcoming Samhain and all the ritual that goes into it.

Being a witch has always been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I was drawn to nature in a spiritual sense. I told my cousin once that I thought God was a glow of light (I was very young) and that I believed God could be found in a cathedral of trees.

The only difference is now, I KNOW SHE is.