Spells to Bring a Lover Back


As you can imagine I get many requests for spells to return a lover or  partner whom someone has been broken-up with or that they even ended the relationship themselves. Sometimes after a client has time to consider a break-up they realize it was not their intention to end things. Often people need closure in relationships and there may be unfinished business that you want to settle or perhaps you really loved and cared for someone but did not realize it until it was too late.

There are just as many reasons to bring your lover back as there are relationships and I have a few spells to help.

First you want to consider how long they have been gone. I have a spell called Return to Me which is can be used for short-term or long-term partings.

Then decide what kind of magick is best for you – white magick (like Angel Lover Return), voodoo (gray magick) like Return to Me or dark magick (black magick) like Dark Arts Love Spell. The white magick and voodoo spells are free of risks to you and the one you desire to return but the Dark Arts Love Spell and black magick can be a risky undertaking if you are not careful. You’ve got to make sure that your feelings for this other person are of a pure, unselfish nature.

If the partner you desire to return to you is already involved with someone else you will most likely need to address that either through a Break-Up Spell or an Eliminate A Rival Spell. Both can easily be used with the return a lover line of spells to maximum effect. It is always more powerful if spells are cast together rather than separately.

The success of such spells depends upon many factors so it is difficult to predict how the spell will manifest; therefore it is best to keep an open mind and heart regarding such spells. The most focused clients have the best results. Your belief in magick determines the ultimate success of spells cast upon your behalf.

As I always tell my clients – if there are still feelings between two people, magick can work magick. Where there is love there is hope.