Texting Nightmares



Real honest text messages I get:

Idiot: “Hi there do you have any spells for shapeshifting?”

Me: “You mean to turn you into another person or animal?”

Idiot: “Yes, I would like a spell to turn into a dragon.”

Me: “Do you run into many dragons out there? Do you see them on the news?”

Idiot: “So how much for a spell to turn me into a dragon?”

Me: [caller blocked]

I recently made myself available to inquiries and clients through texting. Still too early to tell if this is a huge mistake or not.

Most of my text messages I’m afraid come from kids or teenagers since many of them ask me to make them into vampires, werewolves and mermaids, as well as dragons.

I want to be able to have communication with my potential clients (and my clients of course) so I am available to them directly. without unnecessarily wasting my time. I’ve had a few good inquiries thus far through texting where people have pertinent questions to ask but unfortunately the majority of them tend to be questions like the following: (actual real text messages)

“Are you a real witch?”

“Can you make  a boy like me?”

“I’m 13 years old and I wanna be a witch too!”

Then there are the kind of crazy texters who text me to tell me that they want a genie to do their bidding, they’d like mind-reading powers and they’d like a spell to make them immortal. Yeah, sure. I’ll get right on that.

I’m also available on Facebook and have my share of messages through there that are absurd too with many young people friending me to get me to teach them witchcraft (they hope and then message me and ask me if I will which of course I will not). But every now and then a legitimate inquiry comes through and a client is made and a genuine friendship is born. That’s what I hope for and why I keep letting the texting happen, so far.