Change Your Mind & Change Your Life


I have a new spell that I’m offering that I hope will help some of my clients, specifically the ones who come to me every week asking if I can change their gender.

For the record – no, I absolutely cannot change you biologically from a man into a woman or a woman into a man. There is no way to do this using magick and anyone who tells you that there is, is positively a con-artist!

Currently the only solution for gender dysphoria and transgender issues is through medical science – hormones, plastic surgery for body modification and therapy.

I have developed a spell that can help with transgender issues specifically focusing on your own mind, which can ultimately help you to transform into the gender you are most comfortable with.

The spell works on you to help ease your mind-set to the gender you choose. This can aid then in making further decisions about your new life, new identity and new gender.

You won’t wake up one morning as a biological woman (if you are a man desiring to be female) but in your mind you will be and that can make all the difference in the next steps you take using the available treatments.

It is about accepting yourself and your new life – this spell has extra courage, protection and calm included. I crafted it  to help clients with such issues as this but also to help them make hard decisions of any kind, like breaking up with someone or making a clean slate. This spell is a purge of your old life and mind-set and can be exactly what you need to start living your authentic life.

Check it out: 
Change Your Mind Spell