Salem: Hating on Witches & Women


I am livid after watching the first episode of WGN* America’s flagship series “Salem”. Once again witches are depicted as consorting with The Devil. Once again historical facts are ignored and witches are evil and conforming to all the Christian anti-pagan archetypes.

I watched two episodes of  the TV show American Horror Story: Coven to see how witches were being handled and it was so obscene I could not continue (after a teen witch being gang raped and then murdering a busload of her rapists). It was so horrible I actually felt bad for the women acting in the abomination, even Jessica Lange  and I usually make it a policy to not feel bad for terrible actresses.

Salem doesn’t bother with just torturing women and witches, it completely re-writes history.

Here is my review on IMDB:

This is utter crap. The acting is terrible, the sets dreadful, the story – there is no story just a bunch of historical names being thrown around with bad writing, bad plotting, terrible accents (one of the worst by the female lead who actually is British but is such a terrible actress her accent sounds fake!) and doggie style whore-hammering in the middle of all of it by the God-fearing, let’s burn all the witches preacher. Hunh?????

For some reason there is a New Orleans style whorehouse in the middle of puritanical Salem. Perhaps this is some sort of time-traveling device because the women seem to be from the 18th century, not the 17th century (when the story supposedly takes place). The series creator and writer Brannon Braga (much fallen from Star Trek grace apparently) may have added this sci-fi twist since all the rest of it is pure fantasy.

The premise of the series is: what if the witches in Salem were REAL? What if all that hanging hysteria and murdering of women (and one man) was right the heck on and there were witches among them in good ol’ Salem doing the Devil’s bidding?

Except witches don’t work for the Devil. Witches don’t even believe in the Devil. There is no Devil anywhere under any circumstances in any Earth-based religion. Yet time and time again people take creative license with this and shove witches into the Satan-tango.

How do you think Christians would feel if they were depicted in all movies, books etc as praying to some ridiculous mythological beast – like – The Kraken. What if every time you saw a Christian you heard – oh but they are so into The Kraken – always saying Release the Kraken and praying to The Kraken and wanting to have a party on the dock and invoking The Kraken. It might get a wee bit annoying with all this “the Kraken” stuff when Christians don’t even believe in The Kraken or know what the Sam Hill it is.

And so ignoring all the facts about witches, witchcraft, and the horrible actual history of Salem and how the “law” there murdered women this series adds yet another degrading chapter to how Christians perceive witches as evil and will not let it freaking go (especially as long as it will get ratings and you can toss in some T&A, doggie style sex and a big ugly toad suckling a teat on a hot woman’s thigh).

The truth is Earth-based religion is not that exciting, not that sexy and not that bizarre. It would not make a very interesting horror series. It did not even make the Salem Witch Trials that compelling which is why those people had to lie. And then kill all those women.

This show has no respect for those murdered by the religious right in Salem. This show has no regard for real witches who practice Earth-based religion and are in no way agents of evil or consorting with the Devil. The Devil is a Christian concept and has no place in witchcraft.

It’s bad enough to be insulted every Halloween, to have shows like American Horror Story: Coven and movies like The Craft to deal with but one of the darkest hours in the history of witchcraft in this country depicted in this manner? Beyond offensive. It is simply shameful.

*According to WGN America a second 13 episode season has been ordered.