Sometimes I get strange requests as a witch. Pretty much every week someone writes to me because they want to become a werewolf/mermaid/vampire (not all three at once) and at least once a week a man writes to me who wants to become a woman who is sexy and has big breasts (why always sexy? why always big breasts?). I’m not talking about those requests because I’ve been getting them for years.

Recently I’ve been getting requests to kill people. I’ve had them occasionally in the almost 12 years I’ve been doing this online but they have always been from men and usually having to do with a rival in business but once or twice in love. In the past year however I’ve gotten requests from women to kill people.

This stands out to me because in all the years I’ve done this that has never happened. Imagine my shock when I got the first request. But then shortly thereafter, a second, a third, a fourth! What is going on, ladies? Are women becoming cold-blooded killers?

It has to be stated that I will not cast a spell to physically or otherwise HARM another. You cannot trick me into doing this. If I knew spells to harm people i would never use them. The truth is as deeply as I believe in magick such curses and hexes only work if the person they are cast upon BELIEVES that they work.

As a Buddhist I am a pacifist. I do not believe in killing for any reason. I am stunned that I have had to write to women and tell them this. No, I will not cast a spell to kill the woman who is pregnant with your husband/boyfriend’s baby. I will not cast a spell to kill the woman that your husband/boyfriend is having an affair with.

What truly disturbs me is how misplaced such anger is. Why would you want to kill the woman? Is she really the problem here? Isn’t it the man? I’m asking this rhetorically, of course it is the man’s fault!

So for future reference to potential lady-killers (and all killers) out there. I’m not the right one to exact your murderous revenge. And whoa, people, get some professional help!