Know When to Let Go


Magick can and will change your life. It certainly has for me and every single day I thank the Goddess for weaving her magick into and through me. But sometimes it’s better to know when to let go of a situation (or a person) than to keep on because the situation could be causing you energetic harm.

I’m speaking only of situations that take a turn into true negativity in the sense that it begins to take an emotional (or even physical) toll on you.

How do you know when to let go?

Here are some guidelines:

1. When the situation you are in becomes so convoluted (too many players, too many obstacles, too many issues to focus on) you need to figure out what you can let go of and what you can keep in order to focus your will and intention to the maximum degree.

2. When a situation (or person) causes you harm. By harm I mean physical injury, if they threaten you with physical harm, if they threaten those you care about with physical harm, anything remotely like this is cause for alarm. You do not need to be in a potentially life-threatening situation – ever. There is no fixing this on your end, please understand that and there is no way through magick to protect yourself from someone who wants to physically cause you bodily harm.

3. When a situation (or a person) causes you emotional harm. If you are emotionally traumatized you will know it by how you react to others (friends and family), by crying, feeling depressed, losing your joie de vivre. This is a dangerous place to be as well as the situation or person who threatens you with physical harm. The scars here may not be immediately evident but they are there and you will need help to let go.

4. When love is not love but obsession. When you love someone so much that you cannot think about anything else or do anything else, you are not in love, you are obsessed. We have discussed before that obsession derails magick, I have had clients ruin their own workings by not being patient and allowing the spell to work (and by impatient I mean they cannot wait even a few days!) because they are obsessed and this powerful force destroys all in its wake. Love is nurturing. Obsession is selfish. Love is a positive force. Obsession is negative force applied to get what you want and nothing more. When you are dealing with love a little obsession is required otherwise love would never happen – I am not talking about the emotions of falling in love, of being “lovestruck” but the kind of obsession that can result in being emotionally overwrought and losing all logic.

5. Know when to have a last ditch effort. This is part of letting go. Tenacity can be admirable but you have to know that sometimes things must end and that includes the energy you put into something that goes nowhere. Or perhaps it does go somewhere and then nowhere again, back and forth, seesawing through your life. Put a finish on it and call it a day. Liberate yourself from any kind of situation (or person) who plays games with your emotions and life.