Winter in Florida


It is too cold right now for me to cast outside. For most people in the US, they would say of course it is cold – it’s winter! Well I live in central Florida my dears and usually our winter is pretty pleasant. Not quite as warm as when I lived in South Florida, but reasonable enough that I could still cast outside.

Last night I had to be by the window with a mug of hot chocolate, staring at the moon while I lit my altar candles. It was even cold near the window!

I bundled up in my blanket-y sweater, put on fuzzy socks and thanked the Goddess that the heat finally kicked on (after a strange smell – I think there might have been some leaves stuck in the vents).

The heat is still running right now and it is 29 degrees outside. Everything that was green is now brown and dead. I worry for the woodland creatures and feral cats and dogs.

At least yesterday was a beautiful sunny day even though it was very cold.

At one point after I read about the hard freeze warning I also read there could even be snow!