The Light in Winter

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I’ve lived in Florida a long time. So long that it’s hard for me to recall winter, all the snow, the freezing cold temps in the morning when you get in the tingling cold front seat of the car, how long it takes the heater to kick in, the layers upon layers of clothes (I had to unwrap myself after the long walk to school when I was in college, eventually I became so hearty I just wore a sweater, jean jacket and big scarf, ah youth!) to keep warm,; for over 20 years that has been nothing but a memory.

I miss the coziness of Winter. The fire in the fireplace in my parents house. My mother still offering hot chocolate with mini marshmallows like I was seven years old. Snugly socks and a big throw to keep warm while watching TV. Winter and Christmas – well there’s a perfect match of course. Food tastes better cooked forever, hearty stews and soups and Winter was for my mother, the season of baking.

Being a witch is really a seasonal deal. We abide by the seasons and focus on the “Wheel of the Year” through the sabbats we celebrate. Here in Florida, that covers us fairly well until Fall, though the leaves here do not change we have a kind of Autumn. But there is no Winter. Certainly here in Ocala it does get very cold (not like in South Florida), sometimes dropping into the 30’s and you do need boots and gloves and a coat and I have a plush throw and quilt on my bed. But there is no real Winter. While it snows in the North, the sun shines here in the South.

At night however when it gets cold I do celebrate my memories of Winter by lighting a fire in the fire-pit to assist in my casting. That is my favorite part of casting outside in the cold months (though they are short here in Florida). I build a beautiful little fire and settle in my chair outside with my cushy blanket, a cup of hot tea and everything I need to make magick, which is somewhat gilding the lily since in the cold, by the light of the fire sparking in the night, it’s already magick.