My Best Christmas Present

Dollhouse Christmas 2010 045

I’ve been pinning a lot to my Christmas/Yule board on Pinterest trying to get myself in the spirit. I know it is still a little early (another week and then some until Thanksgiving) but after everything I’ve been through this past summer and fall I am ready for the magick to embrace me.

Christmas was when I really believed in magick. That’s when I knew that all magick was real because you could not fit all of it into one day, you had to extend it for the entire season. And truthfully it never seemed long enough (at least not when I was a child – ok, I’m still a little bit of a child when it comes to Christmas).

I was lucky because my mother started right after Thanksgiving throughout my childhood as she always believed that the build up to Christmas was better than the aftermath. As far as she was concerned take Christmas down once it was over, though she let it stay up until New Year’s Day for my brother and me.

How I loved the anticipation! The Christmas music, decorations, first snow of the season, how everyone seemed to feel more good-natured, Christmas pageants at school, knowing I would see all my relatives for the holidays and all the wonderful, delicious, incredible food! Wait, I’m thinking with my adult mind – obviously as a child all I cared about was PRESENTS!

The best Christmas gift I ever got was my dollhouse, a real wooden dollhouse that my father built for me. He built two additions for it too and my mother hand-sewed all the wee little curtains, linens and bedding for the beds. It was a most spectacular dollhouse (which I still have in storage), with  two children’s rooms, a nursery and an attic playroom. It was a Colonial era dollhouse, like the house I grew up in during my childhood in Connecticut.

I never tired of that dollhouse. My mother even helped me decorate it for Christmas and we hand-wrapped tiny little gifts and she even decorated a dollhouse size Christmas tree with pearl garland and gold beads. I loved to replicate events in the dollhouse according to the season. My little doll family would have a huge Christmas dinner all painstakingly arranged by my little hands an the fancy dining room.

To this day I am a miniature enthusiast, though I mostly collect  1/6th scale minis from Japan. That part of my childhood wonder is with me still.

How lucky I was to have parents who worked so hard to make my dream come true that Christmas and all the holidays of my childhood?

That’s why I look for the magick now, because the magick was made real for me then.