Mother Christmas


I am already starting to feel Christmas encroaching. It began before Samhain was even here and now the shopping channels (who literally started their madness in JULY) are hawking their wares and reminding me it’s only blahbiddy blah many days until Christmas.

I’m not in the best shape ever. Well, actually that’s not completely true. Since the summer I’ve trimmed down (a jolly hospital stay will do that to you) and I am in fighting form. My diabetes is under control. My infection is long past. My wounds have healed and although I am not mobile (without my knee scooter) and the future for my foot reconstruction is uncertain without Obamacare, I’m in general. feeling pretty darn good.

It’s just that lately I have been the force behind our holidays. It begins with Samhain and I go full-tilt until New Year’s Eve. I decorate, plan menus, shop, cook, do more shopping, wrap, more decorating, more cooking, yet again more shopping. How can I possibly sit this one out?

I’m already feeling estranged from Christmas to a point that I started pinning on my Christmas board on pinterest to help me keep the spirit. Then I proceeded to get stressed. How do people do all these crafts, bake all these cookies, buy all these gifts, keep a perfectly spotless house while having guests and decorate like ¬†they have Christmas elves come in the night and transform their home? Even when I had mobility I could never keep that kind of pace. And now? Call the budget caterer (known as Publix).

I do love Christmas (doesn’t everyone) and was lucky to have grown up with the QUEEN OF ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS – aka my mother. She was like all these uber-Christmas pinners that I am so jealous of. She set standards that I frankly gave up on ever coming close to many years ago.

I used to actually commission her to decorate my Christmas tree. For years I did this. Sandy (my husband) would come home after work and the tree would be done, marvelouslyand beautifully and he would be in aw. My mother would be there smiling and he’d look at us both and simply say, Thank you Terry for decorating our tree. There was no way to hide it. Her perfection with the bead garland alone was a dead giveaway. Sandy once said there was never a Gen-Xer alive who could use bead garland properly on a Christmas tree.

In the last few years Mom helped with the decorating (supervised) and I carried out her instructions. This year it will be her milieu once again.

Now that I am actually looking forward to, because the truth is, aside from cooking (all of which I learned from her), the decorating, wrapping etc is not my forte. Once you’ve had the perfect Christmas tree, house, cookies, presents, centerpieces, mantles, wreaths and candles in every window its simply best to let the one who makes Christmas a true holiday, do her thing.

I’ll be wheeling around following instructions. And I will never touch the bead garland.