Samhain Celebration


I can smell Samhain in the air even though we do not really have much of a Fall season here in Central Florida. I know it is coming though and as the nights get cooler I start to get ready for the wonder of that Witches New Year. I’ve got the eco-friendly logs I burn for the firepit, herb bundles good to go, candles made and at the ready. I’m back casting outside in nature once again, without having to deal with pesky mosquitoes and staggering summer temps.

This year I will decorate minimally since I am recovering from my foot injury and hobbled somewhat by that (put plain and simple I cannot walk without my knee scooter – but I am hell on wheels otherwise!) though I am eager to celebrate this Samhain in the most festive way possible because after dealing with illness over the summer and a variety of difficulties regarding that – it just feels so great to be able to enjoy the sabbats, especially when everyone else is enjoying them too (even if they do not realize that Halloween is Samhain!).

I have found some great diabetic-friendly recipes online and there are wonderful sugar-free candies by Russell Stover (yes they make sugar-free Halloween Peeps – I mean for real!) and Hershey’s, plus I recently discovered that Pillsbury makes sugar-free brownies and other dessert mixes. Kudos to Hershey’s for also making semi-sweet sugar-free chocolate chips. This will really make the holiday festive with cupcakes and other goodies. Unfortunately one of my favorite things is candy corn but I have yet to find that in a sugar-free version.

There will be pumpkins, there will be sugar-free Twizzlers (I know, right?), there will be sugar-free mini candy bars in decorative witchy delights around the house.

I will stir my cauldron on October 31st and who knows what magickal things I will produce?

In the spirit of this month long celebration (I am making it a month – I deserve it!) I am keeping my BIRTHDAY SALE going at so check out the GREAT prices.

I will update you too on the plans for the big feast as soon as I have an idea of what it will be. I am currently pinning lots of cute things on PINTEREST, so check that out too. I think I may make a Samhain board since there is so much.