Do you tell?


A couple of days ago I had a lovely conversation with an older lady about Jesus. She went on a bit and we discussed his presence in her life and her love for him and the help he had given her through difficult times. At no time in this conversation did I tell her I was a witch/Pagan/Buddhist.

There have been times when I wear secular jewelry that you can easily surmise what my spirituality is (pentacles and malas etc) but I had nothing to indicate my beliefs.

It wasn’t that I am not proud to be a witch, to be Pagan, to be Buddhist. I am of course and thoroughly comfortable and happy in my skin of being who and what I am in every way and equally happy to see someone else embrace the love of their spiritual choice too.

I didn’t want to distress the nice lady (possibly) by saying that I was a witch. Or even Buddhist. Believe me I have had Christians come calling to the house and stood there explaining the tenets of Buddhism in the heat and while I do not mind giving a glimpse into my faith, it’s not my ideal way to spend my time.

I can usually tell who will be horrified, shocked or confused by me telling them I am witch so I just keep it under my hat (witches hat). I do not want to trouble old ladies or people going door to door about Jesus. There is no need.

I’m open to debate on this though. Pagans are welcome to weigh in (as well as non-pagans). What do you think?