Witchcraft Medicine


I’ve been practicing my share of ¬†Witchcraft Medicine lately as I have been recovering from my medical crisis that happened in late July. Things are moving along, I use a “knee walker” (a great alternative to crutches) to get around which keeps me walking and upright (and is incidentally pretty good exercise) and I have ten more days of antibiotic treatment left. I have more energy and strength now and keep working my healing spells concurrently with traditional medicine .

There are many herbs which can be used in teas (and I make use of them believe me) to help reduce inflammation. I have also been having green tea to help settle my stomach from the harsh antibiotics and that definitely helps.

Getting my energy back has been very important and I am happy to report that I have been feeling so much better this past week – able to do more and move out faster and my casting has been more spirited too. I know other witch-sisters and brothers have been sending healing energy my way and – I feel it.

It may yet be a couple more months staying off my foot but I feel quite certain that the best possible outcome will be achieved and I will be back in perfect working order in no time.

Meanwhile this upcoming month is my birthday month and I usually do some great sales Рplus  this is semi-milestone birthday of 45. Not quite crone-dom yet but Рwow Рthe witch is aging!