Witchcraft Medicine


I’ve been practicing my share of  Witchcraft Medicine lately as I have been recovering from my medical crisis that happened in late July. Things are moving along, I use a “knee walker” (a great alternative to crutches) to get around which keeps me walking and upright (and is incidentally pretty good exercise) and I have ten more days of antibiotic treatment left. I have more energy and strength now and keep working my healing spells concurrently with traditional medicine .

There are many herbs which can be used in teas (and I make use of them believe me) to help reduce inflammation. I have also been having green tea to help settle my stomach from the harsh antibiotics and that definitely helps.

Getting my energy back has been very important and I am happy to report that I have been feeling so much better this past week – able to do more and move out faster and my casting has been more spirited too. I know other witch-sisters and brothers have been sending healing energy my way and – I feel it.

It may yet be a couple more months staying off my foot but I feel quite certain that the best possible outcome will be achieved and I will be back in perfect working order in no time.

Meanwhile this upcoming month is my birthday month and I usually do some great sales – plus  this is semi-milestone birthday of 45. Not quite crone-dom yet but – wow – the witch is aging!

Healing Witch


I just spent the past 17 days in the hospital recovering from a blood infection. It came upon me suddenly (I am a type II diabetic) through a foot injury that turned septic. I was taken to the ER and admitted, given massive amounts of IV antibiotics and still, now that I am out – have to go every day for continued treatments for the next three weeks.

Never in my life have I been as sick. I’ve had minor things like most people but I have never been hospitalized before. I never felt my life energy withdraw from me. I never felt so small and fragile and hopelessly lost.

But then I came home. I was back to my witchy world. I was surrounded by the power that I had thought ceased in me, yet never had, not even for a moment. It was quiet, working behind the scenes, supporting me even when I could barely recall my Goddess mantra. It was there, a blue silver light of healing that flowed through my body, though I was too ill to see it, blinded by the breakdown in my physical self.

The first day home was not easy but then my head began to clear. My herbs called to me. My oils and potions and sacred objects. I had my tarot deck in my hands, my Goddess candle lit on  the altar, my Buddhist altar illuminated.

I had carried the healing strength within me and did not even know it.

I continue to heal.

In the name of the Goddess all Magick is blessed.