Time to Manifest


I recently cast a spell for myself. It seemed to begin manifestation right away but then it seemed to not actually be manifesting. I forgot to take into account a celestial barrier (Mercury Retrograde) and my patience had been wearing a bit thin. When the spell started to manifest after several weeks it was a superb lesson for me in remaining positive, not rushing ahead of my spell-work and being PATIENT. Now the spell is manifesting beautifully (even during the retrograde).

Clients sometimes write to me several days following ┬ámy casting or a week or two later and are upset because “nothing has happened”. They ask me why they haven’t gotten the results they are looking for and often this is regarding cases that are so multi-layered and complex that it could take months for the complete manifestation to occur.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – MAGICK IS NOT INSTANT!

It just does not work that way my dears, no matter how many times I cast a particular spell, for each person that I cast it for, it will manifest differently. There are so many factors to take into consideration and as you know (since I have told you many times in my postings here) magick likes the path of least resistance. The more complex your situation is the more potential obstacles there are. That translates to you needing as much patience as possible.

Many situations that people are involved in have been going on for years and it is wrong to expect a spell to handle and fix everything in a matter of days or a week. What has been done may have taken considerable time and even though spells tend to “cut to the chase” the Universe works the way it does, at its own pace and cares nothing for our impatience.

So how do you deal with things as you are waiting for manifestation of your spell?

Use your focused will and intention. Practice meditation. Ground and center yourself. Use reiki. Focus on a favorite hobby. Throw yourself into your work, your friendships, your family. Clean and organize. There are many ways for you to live your life and let the spell do its thing.

You need not check in with the spell to see if its working. You don’t have to email me every few days or every week to see if I know something that you do not. You will KNOW your spell is manifesting before I do. Chances are it will occur to you – not like a bolt out of the blue but when you are relaxing, focused on something else entirely and you’ll think – oh my Goddess (this was me) that spell ┬ámanifested. This is as it should be. Do not obsess over your spell. It will only create YOU as an obstacle to it manifesting and you certainly do not want that.

However it is best to keep in contact with me so a year does not pass and you email me and say oh by the way that spell didn’t manifest. A year later there is nothing I can do for you. Keep current with me and we will tackle any challenges that arise together.

Be patient. All good things come to those who wait. And all spells manifest at their own time.