Midsummer Magick


What a night for magick! Things were beautiful after a long afternoon storm, lots of thunder and lightning and the fire-pit was flooded. It was nice though by 10 pm when I began. I cleaned things up before the casting, tipped out the fire-pit, dried it off, had my candles and herbs ready for the spells and my special handmade beeswax Goddess candle for my special Goddess Love Spell.

Things went faster than I expected but that was good, the power raised was palpable in the air. It tingled. The Goddess candle is still burning. It’s so sweet smelling and  burns cleanly. I love beeswax candles.

Mom and I did not have our traditional feast as usual but opted rather to go out for a banana split following the casting. That was wonderful. We went to our local Sonic and  enjoyed the night sounds, the music playing, the summer air all cooled down after the big storm.

We were sitting there eating our sundaes when in front of us I saw winking lights in the forest and bushes behind Sonic.

I called my mother’s attention to them. I knew they were the Fae  who  had come out on this Midsummer’s night to celebrate the same as we were.

We went home and did our neighborhood Faerie walk after midnight. Fortunately it was temperate enough there were no mosquitoes. I could feel the eyes of the Fae upon us especially where the gardens in the neighborhood were in full bloom.

I was so excited by everything and feeling that extra magickal energy of the Earth as all her Pagans celebrated the day. I didn’t get to sleep until early this morning after journalling in my Book of Shadows and marking the Sabbat and my first casting of my Goddess Spell.

I hope the longest day of the year was magickal for you too and tomorrow it is the SUPER MOON!