On the summer solstice this year (in three days) I am casting a special spell that i created from a dream. I’d like to tell you about the dream.

In the dream I was in a house that seemed haunted. I was having some kind of pagan get-together, all women except for my brother who was there and promised he would make himself scarce. The house was a combination of the first apartment I had in college and a Victorian house I lived in once in Key West.

The spirits in the house seemed threatened by this gathering of women and strange things started happening. At first everyone was a little nervous but I said not to worry for I would commune with the Goddess and find out how to cleanse the house of the evil spirits.

The Dark Goddess The Morrigan appeared then in the living room and with her was Green Tara. The Dark Goddess and The Light Goddess. They gave me the ritual, they spoke to me and through me and their influence cleansed the house of the evil spirits but better than that it brought to me a great gift of courage and love that helped me later in the dream to heal my troubled relationship (with Gerard Butler – hey – it was a DREAM, come on!).

For weeks I worked on the real world application of what transpired in the dream. That led me to create a love spell for balance between the forces of the dark and the forces of the light.

I think its pertinent too  that the perfect time to cast this spell is right in the middle of the year on the summer solstice.

Spots for the spell are going fast – I only have three left!

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