Midsummer Magick


What a night for magick! Things were beautiful after a long afternoon storm, lots of thunder and lightning and the fire-pit was flooded. It was nice though by 10 pm when I began. I cleaned things up before the casting, tipped out the fire-pit, dried it off, had my candles and herbs ready for the spells and my special handmade beeswax Goddess candle for my special Goddess Love Spell.

Things went faster than I expected but that was good, the power raised was palpable in the air. It tingled. The Goddess candle is still burning. It’s so sweet smelling and  burns cleanly. I love beeswax candles.

Mom and I did not have our traditional feast as usual but opted rather to go out for a banana split following the casting. That was wonderful. We went to our local Sonic and  enjoyed the night sounds, the music playing, the summer air all cooled down after the big storm.

We were sitting there eating our sundaes when in front of us I saw winking lights in the forest and bushes behind Sonic.

I called my mother’s attention to them. I knew they were the Fae  who  had come out on this Midsummer’s night to celebrate the same as we were.

We went home and did our neighborhood Faerie walk after midnight. Fortunately it was temperate enough there were no mosquitoes. I could feel the eyes of the Fae upon us especially where the gardens in the neighborhood were in full bloom.

I was so excited by everything and feeling that extra magickal energy of the Earth as all her Pagans celebrated the day. I didn’t get to sleep until early this morning after journalling in my Book of Shadows and marking the Sabbat and my first casting of my Goddess Spell.

I hope the longest day of the year was magickal for you too and tomorrow it is the SUPER MOON!




On the summer solstice this year (in three days) I am casting a special spell that i created from a dream. I’d like to tell you about the dream.

In the dream I was in a house that seemed haunted. I was having some kind of pagan get-together, all women except for my brother who was there and promised he would make himself scarce. The house was a combination of the first apartment I had in college and a Victorian house I lived in once in Key West.

The spirits in the house seemed threatened by this gathering of women and strange things started happening. At first everyone was a little nervous but I said not to worry for I would commune with the Goddess and find out how to cleanse the house of the evil spirits.

The Dark Goddess The Morrigan appeared then in the living room and with her was Green Tara. The Dark Goddess and The Light Goddess. They gave me the ritual, they spoke to me and through me and their influence cleansed the house of the evil spirits but better than that it brought to me a great gift of courage and love that helped me later in the dream to heal my troubled relationship (with Gerard Butler – hey – it was a DREAM, come on!).

For weeks I worked on the real world application of what transpired in the dream. That led me to create a love spell for balance between the forces of the dark and the forces of the light.

I think its pertinent too  that the perfect time to cast this spell is right in the middle of the year on the summer solstice.

Spots for the spell are going fast – I only have three left!

Click here to go right to the spell.

What to tell the Witch

Magick works wonders but when you are my client I need you to be as forthcoming as possible with me. You can certainly work with me by barely telling me much of anything about your situation however the more in tune with you that I become the more focused and more powerful my spellcasting will be. To that end I have come up with a list of things it is great for me to know about you and your situation when you write to me with an inquiry. I will be cross publishing this list over at mysticspells.com  as well.

  1. I will need your name, birthdate and a photo of you and of anyone else involved in the spell (if possible, sometimes you may not know someone’s birthdate or have a photo. As long as I have yours we can work with this but it is best for me to have birthdates and photos on everyone).
  2. Please tell in concise terms what you are looking for – often I ask clients to list the top 3-5 desires or things they want to see happen. Give me at least three. Many spells focus on three conditions. Not all spells will actually focus on conditions but this is just a broad idea to help you narrow down your desires.
  3. Give me some background on the situation. If this is about a relationship try as much as possible to give me a TIMELINE OF EVENTS – it is good for me to have a perspective of what has occurred, it makes it much easier for me to focus when I know the history.
  4. Give me information about you – tell me about yourself, what you do, where you live, your past history (if relevant) anything that you can think of that it will be good for me to know about you. Like for instance if you have a history of difficult relationships, this is good for me to know. If you have issues with your friends interfering in your life or your family trying to control you, this is good to know. Let me know what is important to you as a person – are you independent or clingy? Do you need direction? Are you depressed or anxious? Do you have any alcohol/substance abuse issues? Does anyone you are involved with have them? Things like this can be very relevant in how your spell is going to manifest.
  5. Let’s address potential obstacles head on! It does me no good to cast a spell on your boyfriend to get him to return to you if he is living with someone else. Consider that you have to use a Break-Up Spell first. I can discuss the best possible course of spellwork for you but you must give me full disclosure. If for instance you have an injunction against you or other legal issues that you do not tell me it will severely curtail the effectiveness of your spell. Everything you tell me is confidential.
  6. Make sure you read my FAQ and understand my policies and guarantee. You pay me for the spell I cast, not for results. Please understand that the work I do is very involved and that is what you are paying me for. My expertise is part of my payment as well, I offer you my years of service as a witch and my knowledge from over 25 years of casting spells.
  7. Do not lie to me.
  8. Follow my instructions. If I tell you to do something in the instructions – do it. If I tell you NOT to do something, do not do it. That means not obsessively texting or calling someone when I say not to. All this will do if impact the manifestation of your spell.
  9. Keep in contact with me. It does not have to be every day certainly and the emails or message on Facebook do not have to be long but I like to hear from my clients. I care about you and want to know how you are doing.
  10. Stay positive and be OPEN. It may be difficult to do this whatever your situation might be but clients who remain positive and OPEN to whatever the Universe will provide them have the greatest possible success with magick.

As always if you have any questions please email me at morrigane@mysticspells.com