Happy Notes from Happy Clients


I need to discuss a few of my clients who work hard to make magick part of their lives. I am mentioning this because for all my clients if you practice what these clients do – you will find that magick works for you in profound and unexpected ways. I know when you are feeling down it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook but when it comes to spells and magick, I cannot stress this enough. My clients are in general very positive people and believe me if this is your disposition that helps but you can really make magick more effective for yourself by keeping this short-list in mind.

  • Turn that frown upside-down! For some clients this is the last thing in the world they want to do. They are miserable and unhappy and that is just the way they are because that is how things are in their lives. Do not let this happen to you! If you feel yourself starting to go all morose and down-trodden just SMILE! It sounds nuts but it really works. Smile and go to a happy place in your mind. Replay a happy memory (remember in X-Men First Class when Professor X did this for a Young Magneto – helped him find a good memory of celebrating his birthday with his family as a child – pretend Professor X is doing the same for you!) and let that become your focus for a few second. Eventually after a little practice you will become more positive on a daily basis.
  • Let it go. This is important about spell work on the clients end. There is no value at all in obsessing over the spell or results once the spell has been cast. You need to let it go and move on with how you live your life. The spell works without your attention to it. Once you’ve completed your part (if there is anything you need to do on your end) the advice is ALWAYS to walk away and let it go.
  • Distract yourself so you do not obsess. One of my clients recently asked if it was ok for her to to date while waiting for a deep love commitment issue to pan out. This is a long-term relationship goal that needs repair and will obviously take time. I told her it is healthy and natural to feel the way she does and to absolutely enjoy herself. The great thing about spells is that they work for you energetically while you go about your life. Nothing stops – in fact it is best if you are distracted for the spell so you don’t obsess. An engaged mind is a receptive mind and this is very positive for magick.
  • Be patient. Another client of mine is really great about being patient. We have worked on a variety of issues over the years and some were so complex that it took a longer than usual time to come to fruition. This client stuck with it though and believed in a positive outcome so when it finally manifested he was thrilled he’d put the time and patience into it. Spells do not often take longer to manifest than expected but it can happen and you must be open to accepting this.
  • Keep the faith. You must BELIEVE. One of my clients uses magick on a monthly basis for very serious marital concerns in her life with her husband. I have been working with her for a decade now and she has used magick in incredible ways to make a better life for her, her family and in her relationship with her husband. She BELIEVES in magick and it fills up her life with promise and happiness. Your belief gives you the power to use your focused will and intention in accordance with will to CHANGE your life.

The last thing I will mention which is good advice for clients, for anyone really and something that I truly believe with all my heart, said of course by The Beatles: