Spellbound items & haunted dolls?

While on Facebook today an ad popped up for a magickal site that offers extremely cheap spells ($7-$15) and various items that they call spellbound, which include potion bottles filled with rainwater and  spelled jewelry. I’m not going to say what site this is but just going to provide a warning to all regarding some of the claims people like this make.

First about $7 spells. No real witch would sell a spell so cheaply because of the time and energy it requires. This is just someone ripping you off. Remember spells that are too good to be true – ARE in fact if they are at too good to be true price like $7. Do you really think that a true witch who lives and works as a witch will take the time to cast a love spell for you for $7? Or that an entire coven of witches will cast a spell for you for 30 days selling  for only $100? If you do then honestly you deserve to have such con-artists take your money. They’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn they will sell you too!

This particular person claims to be a SIXTH generation Wiccan witch which is IMPOSSIBLE since Wicca was not even a religion in the US (or anywhere) until the 1950’s! How could you be a sixth generation Wiccan then? What a load of bunk! That’s not to say there were not witches, obviously, as there have always been witches but they did not call themselves Wiccans. And SIXTH generation? Come on! Not even good or believable cons, people!

This site also had a section for “haunted dolls”, this being one of the scams that used to run on eBay that eventually got all metaphysical services banned from that site. I never offered any of my services there so I am not sure how that worked. Clients have written to me and asked about such items as “haunted dolls”, “spellbound jewelry”, “charging boxes” etc.

Haunted Dolls: ghosts and thought forms do not haunt items. This is simply superstition. Inanimate objects can hold energy, this is true, but they would not be haunted in the sense that we consider hauntings. Often a thought-from (ghost) is usually connected to a person or a place. That’s not to say that your grandmother’s wedding ring that she wore until her death does not have residual energy from her wearing it for most of her life, that would not be uncommon, but items do not become haunted or infested with a spirit or thought-form. If you buy anything that someone claims is haunted you are just buying a piece of junk.

Spellbound Jewelry: jewelry  particularly of precious metal and semi-precious or precious stones can be charged for specific purposes by a legitimate witch or reiki/crystal healer. This would not be a long-term solution unless you keep charging the item somehow (like a talisman). The caveat here is that whomever is selling spelled jewelry or talismans must be the REAL DEAL. And for that you should know who they are, their real name, what they look like and be able to find them as a person on Facebook, on Twitter etc. Spellbound jewelry should be semi-precious stones and precious metal otherwise it will not hold a charge unless it has the appropriate symbols upon it (like metal talismans do). These items must also be re-charged regularly. They will not be as powerful as a spell – consider them to give an over-all, generalized effect, a boost perhaps to real spells. When looking at such supposed items beware that someone is not simply trying to clean out their jewelry box and sell things at a premium price because they have “spells” on them.

Charging Boxes: you do not need a special charging box for a talisman or spellbound item. Any container that you choose with work fine as long as that is all you use it for. I use several boxes to charge things on my altars. One is marble, the other is stone and one is wooden.

Spellbound Items (like potion bottles): a potion bottle would not be spellbound as much as its contents. Again this is not really a spell at all but something that has specific inherent properties of a sympathetic magickal nature. Think of Holy Water for instance, the container can be a vial, bottle or basin, but that does not contain the power – the water does. Be careful when someone is offering things like this and consider that it is the “potion” itself that has the value.

If you ever have any questions about things like this just email me or leave them in the comments below. As always I am at your service.