Magick Cannot Change Your Gender

I feel that I have to post this, even though I have said it time and time again on my site and here on my blog. If I didn’t get at least two to three requests for this EVERY SINGLE DAY, I would just ignore it as a joke or something. But since I believe there are many people out there genuinely suffering from Gender Dysphoria or related disorders dealing with sexual identity I thought perhaps I need to say this more explicitly and to the point.


Larry Wachowski becomes Lana Wachowski.

There is no spell that can turn you from a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy.

Let’s explore this deeper:

  1. Magick works with ENERGY not BIOLOGY. Science is the realm of biology which is why there is a medical field. Otherwise we would have no medicine or healing through science, we would just use spells and frankly witches would be far more respected in society and I would be a great deal more wealthy, so trust me if this was the case, there is nothing bad about it for me! But this is not the case – biology is science and the only way there exists in the WORLD for someone to change their gender is by undergoing  psychological therapy and eventually using science to alter their biology, to take hormones, to live as the opposite sex that you desire to become and finally to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.
  2. Thankfully there exists a very open and caring medical community that helps people suffering from gender dysphoria to make the decisions they need to and to have the therapy and surgeries required to help them. This can be expensive as all elective medical procedures and psychiatry can be. Surgeries can range from $10K to $50K. Therapy that is not covered by insurance can run up to $225 an hour. Changing one’s gender takes time and money and surgery. There is no other way available on earth to do this.
  3. If there existed a spell to change one’s gender (or eye color, hair color, body shape, height, size of breasts or penis etc.) why would there be scientific ways that included pain and discomfort for considerably more money than a spell would cost? What would be the point of going through such difficulties if you could simply come to a witch and she could turn you into whatever gender you desired, make you beautiful and change your physical appearance without the help of contact lenses, hair dye, hair stylists, diet, exercise and plastic surgery? Wouldn’t everyone in Hollywood just come to me instead of getting breast implants or lip injections? And for a bargain price of around $300? People please – use common sense!
  4. I understand how tempting it can be to believe the Hollywood version of magick, that Samantha the witch can create something from nothing by twiddling her nose and that in Harry Potter there is such a thing as fighting with magick wands and a death spell that you just speak that can kill someone. That is fantasy and real magick is not about fantasy, it’s about the NATURAL WORLD and believe me there are no instant death spells in the NATURAL WORLD, otherwise madmen would be armed with wands and not guns.
  5. Real magick works with your focused will and intention on energetic matters that CAN be altered by your state of mind and the energy surrounding them. Our minds and spirits are powerful (just read studies dealing with what can be accomplished through meditation, how we can alter how our bodies respond to physical conditions and how we can use out own bodies natural way of healing to help us to maintain and cure specific maladies) but we are not omnipotent. We don’t have the power of creating matter from thin air. The miracle of birth for instance takes two components to develop at all. Nature is powerful but nature is not a vacuum  It needs a seed and that seed needs to be nourished in order to grow.
  6. This is why you cannot cast a love spell that will manifest if there is no love present. You cannot manipulate someone to love you who has no feelings for you. Love must be present in some form to build upon. There always must be something for magick to nourish and grow with focused will and intention. You don’t start to create life, a table, a work of art, a fabulous meal – nothing without the raw material and it works the same with energetic states too.
  7. I know this is disappointing for many desperate people who just want to make the one they want to love them, LOVE THEM or to turn everything in their life around by changing their physical appearance or changing their gender or even making them immortal vampires, werewolves or mermaids.
  8. If you visit a web site or witch/spellcaster who says they can CURE YOU, change your physical appearance, change your gender, eye color, height, body parts – anything that requires science and biology to actually accomplish in the natural world – don’t give them a second look. They are con-artists and their only business is to take your money and laugh all the way to the bank that you fell for it.

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