New Year’s Day

The year of the snake began today and I am casting my Chinese New Year’s Day Good Fortune Spell tonight. I have caught up on quite a bit of work after the holidays and since I worked through much of it I will be taking off the next few days to rest & recharge. As well as to clean up the house from the holiday festivities.

I have a short list of resolutions though I do not really believe in them I like the aspect of clearing out the negativity that builds up over a year and getting ready with a clean slate for the new year.

There is such possibility in a new year, a hopefulness that the ills from the past year will be healed and good things will come in their fashion.

1. Work smarter not harder. I will be updating my sites very soon with new artwork, new spells, new formats and I am excited for this. It is my ten year anniversary as an online with and aside from being a writer and journalist (and producing my websites) this is the longest job I’ve ever had! Can you say best loved job too? It is!

2. Spend more time with my family. See my brother and sister-in-law more, spend more time with Mom and communicate with extended family more often like Aunt Diane, Auntie Marcia and my cousins.

3. Love more and love right. Not sure how to do the love right part, that will be a work in progress.

4. Concentrate on building healthy habits. Eating more organic, buying more local fruits and veg and cooking healthy food at home more often.

5. Read more. That’s why I have a kindle, a nook and an iPad! Oh and real books too!

6. Take a vacation. It’s been too long.

7. Organize my kitchen, my closet, my garage, my office. (I am almost laughing at this!)


What are your resolutions?