Pure Love & Magick

This is the last of my millennium castings on 12-12-12. It’s hard to believe that 12 years are about to pass away and that I have completed 9 special castings since I went live with my site mysticspells.com. I used the dates wisely covering many different topics and concerns and saved love for the final casting. I am also adding a special magickal component to the casting – a little bonus that each client can choose to further tailor the spell to their specific needs. I am excited about the spell because this is one I am casting also for myself (even a witch needs a little help in love sometimes).

The more I learn about love the more I realize that we all need help understanding our own hearts. What makes us feel the way we do about people? Is it some mystical force or our psychology? perhaps even in our DNA? Maybe it’s past lives converging in the here and now and we are trying to get things right?

For myself I believe in the less clinical psychological approach to things (which makes sense since I am a witch) and I see love as a magickal force in the Universe that drives us in a way that nothing else can. It also can let us down and leave us shattered in its wake but that is the cost of loving greatly and risking it all for the love we need.

We all want to be loved yet some people need to do the loving, that is just as important to them, perhaps more so than being loved. It can be a dangerous precipice to tread upon since putting someone before yourself can build resentment. I try to focus on the Buddhist principle of non-attachment (very difficult to do when you are in love) and there are times when I can see clearly through my possible resentments and find a peace in the very acting of loving someone freely.

We all want our happiness and it is love that gives us the reason to live and be truly happy on a kind of level that nothing else can.

You can get the love you desire and desire to give by putting faith in the time of 12-12-12 and this once in a lifetime occasion for a spell that I have worked on for nearly a year. I am thrilled to share this spell with my clients and friends.

I have two spots left for 12-12-12 – please use this link to visit mysticspells.com and read more about the spell.

This is the last chance for this until 3001.