Year of the Snake


On New Year’s Day I cast my Chinese Good Fortune Spell – I have been doing this since my very first year online and this marks my tenth in 2013. This is a big year for me, ten years doing what I love online, casting spells for a living, who would have ever thought that a modern day witch could make her living doing what an old-timey witch who lived in a village did? But better I have clients all over the world and this truly is global witchcraft!

I am blessed to be able to do the work I do and help people the way I can. Every facet of witchcraft is part of my life and I think back upon a conversation I had with an old friend of mine about a dozen years ago when we were considering the ways our fortunes might go.

We both worked in media at the time and were somewhat burned out. I said something about wanting to go into candle-making or soap-crafting because I hungered to have a life that focused on something real and less virtual. I didn’t know it then but soon thereafter I discussed my idea of casting spells for a living and my friend suggested that I have an online presence. How grateful I am that I followed her advice.

It was slow at first, took about a year and then some for the site to take off and for me to reach people. I spent a fortune on advertising back then (this was all new on the internet – there was no market yet in online advertising) and worked so hard for my handful of clients. Those same clients in the early days are still clients today and I cannot believe the amazing journey we have taken together.

I have had incredible good fortune as a witch so I can testify to the validity of this particular spell since I include myself in its casting every year. I have reduced the price this year and hope you will all take part.

I am not normally a witch who casts for herself but lately I have had great success in doing so with several love spells and the Mystic Mars Spell I have cast for myself every month for ten years. I believe that abundance, prosperity and good fortune is something you need to really focus on and work at and this spell does just that for you.

My new year plans include an over-haul for my sites, new spells, readings, talismans and witch-crafted goods I will be selling.

Happy New Year in advance and may the snake be good to you!


Christmas Memories


I’m listening to White Christmas even though it’s never a white Christmas here in Central Florida. The truth is I haven’t had a white Christmas in so long I cannot truly recall what it was like! I don’t miss being cold, though in the brief winter here it can go down to freezing.

I miss the holidays of my youth but doesn’t everyone? We had such wonderful Christmases then with all the family together, visiting house to house, my Auntie Marcia making the most wonderful food, my Aunt Diane having the most beautiful decorated house, my Nanesto making the most lovely holidays especially considering that we always brought my father with us and he could destroy any holiday with a withering look. But she stood up to him – she was awesome!

Daddy wasn’t always a misery though, he’d lighten up once we got to Auntie Marcia’s and Uncle Richard’s, things were fun and festive with the Italians (which my father is) rather than the more buttoned up Yankee traditions of my mother’s people (she is half French and that’s on her father’s side, but the French has always been downplayed though my mother is tres tres French in her demeanor!).

Christmas with my cousins was always a great time. We got along famously, my cousins Tammy & Rick were very close to my brother Raymond and me throughout our entire childhoods and teen years. We lost touch once we were all adults and I am sad about that. I miss all my family tremendously, especially my Nanesto who has been gone a while now.

Nanesto (so called because Ernest Hemingway was her favorite author and his nickname was Ernesto, so I called her that combining “Nana” with his nickname) died in December and then five years ago this Christmas I lost my husband Sandy. The holidays are not quite what they were then.

It’s not just the physical loss of loved ones (though that plays into it) but I don’t see my father anymore (even though he has a winter home here in Florida) and have not in going on four years. My brother Raymond and his wife are estranged from Mom and me. Aunt Diane lives far away in Rhode Island and so does my father’s side of the family and we have not gotten together in many years. My mother remains close with my Aunts, speaking to them every few days and I am glad they maintain their connection.

I have found in the last five years since Sandy passed away that my closest friends are all over the world, many of them clients, sister and brother witches in my community of pagans, Buddhist brothers and sisters that I have known for over a dozen years and even new friends like my dear girlfriend Vanessa. I am so grateful to have a new family and new memories that we are building and sharing.

Still as I get older those memories of long ago seem more clear, and I find myself drifting longingly to the simpler joys of driving with my family to Rhode Island to be welcomed by both sides of my extended family in their unique and wonderful ways.

Those were my white Christmases.

Pure Love & Magick

This is the last of my millennium castings on 12-12-12. It’s hard to believe that 12 years are about to pass away and that I have completed 9 special castings since I went live with my site I used the dates wisely covering many different topics and concerns and saved love for the final casting. I am also adding a special magickal component to the casting – a little bonus that each client can choose to further tailor the spell to their specific needs. I am excited about the spell because this is one I am casting also for myself (even a witch needs a little help in love sometimes).

The more I learn about love the more I realize that we all need help understanding our own hearts. What makes us feel the way we do about people? Is it some mystical force or our psychology? perhaps even in our DNA? Maybe it’s past lives converging in the here and now and we are trying to get things right?

For myself I believe in the less clinical psychological approach to things (which makes sense since I am a witch) and I see love as a magickal force in the Universe that drives us in a way that nothing else can. It also can let us down and leave us shattered in its wake but that is the cost of loving greatly and risking it all for the love we need.

We all want to be loved yet some people need to do the loving, that is just as important to them, perhaps more so than being loved. It can be a dangerous precipice to tread upon since putting someone before yourself can build resentment. I try to focus on the Buddhist principle of non-attachment (very difficult to do when you are in love) and there are times when I can see clearly through my possible resentments and find a peace in the very acting of loving someone freely.

We all want our happiness and it is love that gives us the reason to live and be truly happy on a kind of level that nothing else can.

You can get the love you desire and desire to give by putting faith in the time of 12-12-12 and this once in a lifetime occasion for a spell that I have worked on for nearly a year. I am thrilled to share this spell with my clients and friends.

I have two spots left for 12-12-12 – please use this link to visit and read more about the spell.

This is the last chance for this until 3001.