New Magick

I’ve been casting a number of custom spells lately that I have yet to offer on the site. One of them is called Open Path to Love. This is a Voodoo spell that I created for a long-term client about two years ago and I have been casting it for other clients in similar circumstances since then. I have not put it up on the site for sale yet because I seriously test all my spells before I feel they are right for public consumption.

This spell however has definitely met the criterion since it has been extremely successful for my custom clients. When I have a spell that can crossover many different circumstances then I will decide to put it on the site.

Some spells don’t make the site because they are only for a limited clientele and will not have a wide audience. Other spells are too complex for me to cast on a regular basis. I like to keep things relatively simple when I have many spells to cast at once, so my energy dispersal is at a minimum. I am the original energy conservationist – if I am tapped out of energy, I do no good for anyone!

I’ve been casting more often to meet clients needs, getting on spells on nearly a daily basis sometimes and that works as long as I re-charge and am well-rested.

I have a number of new spells that will make the cut soon when I update the site especially for Samhain which I am looking forward to as usual. Not sure yet what kind of celebration I will have but there will be casting, feasting and communing with the dead!

If you think you might be interested in my Open Path to Love Spell – drop me a line.