Rant for a Wee Little Witch

I got a comment today from a witch regarding my  post 13 Ways to Tell a Real Witch on the Internet. She was somewhat misunderstanding (well, ok, a lot misunderstanding) but then she is young (from the style of her writing). You’ve got to nurture the witchlings though and help them if you can.

I had the impression from her blog that she learned about witchcraft through the Harry Potter books and films particularly in the sense that she believes in the fantasy elements of  “Hollywood Magic”, since she was making an argument that there were spells that might be able to change your hair color (she said something about using bleach in spell but as I said, that is not magick but science) and seemed pretty sure that there could be magick that exists that can change your gender or turn you into a mermaid.

Perhaps she was trying to be funny or what she considered ironic. I hope that is the case and that she truly did not believe  in the school of Hollywood Witchcraft.

She was filled with rage and that made me so sad to see someone expressing themselves with four-letter words, poor grammar, and ethnic slang. Had she anything legitimately interesting to say it was lost utterly in those affectations. She also only read the one article on this blog and investigated no further. This was not a list about REAL witches certainly or pertaining to them at all. This was a list for laypeople looking to work with online witches.

I was sorry to see that many of her blog-friends supported her angry missive  and one even accused me of plagiarizing the list I wrote from something in a book from 1996. I would dearly love to see that since I wrote this on the exact day I posted it and it pertains completely to the business aspect of locating a witch on the Internet which would have been impossible in 1996.

This is just another unfortunate example of people who don’t know any better (and know not of what they speak) being rude to their elders, having no idea of courtesy, respect and manners. If she had offered her opinion in a polite and intelligent manner I would have been happy to discourse with her but to post such an insulting diatribe filled with epithets just for the sake of sounding “edgy” erased any possibility of  communication.

Ah, the folly of youth.