Jessica Galbreth offends all Pagans

Jessica Galbreth before she said witches are Satanic.

I was a Jessica Galbreth fan since the first time I saw her fantasy artwork at her old website Enchanted-Art Designs. I used her artwork on my websites and personally collected many beautiful prints, cards, journals and figurines. I was very supportive of her artwork and enjoyed keeping up with her on her blog too. In my opinion she painted the most beautiful depictions of the feminine divine in the darker aspects that I have ever seen and indeed it was her artwork that inspired my love and devotion to The Morrigan and put me on the path to discovering the warrior queen in myself.

To find that now, the reason I have not seen her art in over a year is because Jessica Galbreth and her husband converted to Evangelical Christianity (think Pat Robertson style and indeed she was intereviewed for his network here is the link) is like a stinging slap in the face.

Jessica has denounced all her previous art (and in the video on CBC it shows her tossing away her canvases in a dumpster) but the thing that has upset me the most are the followng comments she has made:

Jessica says she was possessed by a demon when creating her dark goddesses and other fantasy artwork.

Jessica says the occult is Satanic and only about power and secrets and death.

Jessica says she was empty inside because she was giving herself over to Satan through her belief in the occult.

Jessica says everyone thought she was a witch.

Jessica says the occult is dark and God is the light.

Jessica says there is only one true way to believe and that is to accept Jesus as your savior otherwise you are damned.

Jessica says God forgives only if you accept Christ as your savior.

Jessica says she contacted demons through a ouija board.

Jessica says she is ashamed of her Enchanted Art Collection.

Jessica says tarot cards are tools of the devil.

Jessica says she bought into the “lie” that Christianity is all about the patriarchy and subjugates women. 
One of Jessica Galbreth’s pagan Goddesses, The Morrigan.
As a Buddhist Witch, you know I believe everyone is free to follow their own path and ultimately it is one Universal Force of Love that binds us and connects us to the Goddess, God, Holy Ghost, Jesus, Mohammed, Shiva, Buddha – the power of the divine resides within us and connects us to one another and every atom on the planet and in the Universe.

Humans created religion and religion is all about dogma, which I do not believe in.

However I respect everyone’s right to believe as they choose and I would never say that someone’s beliefs are wrong. I would not tell a Christian that just because their beliefs exclude me as a Buddhist Pagan that they are wrong to do believe as they do. I just wish them love and peace.

I would never condemn a religion or a person who practices that religion because their beliefs are different from mine. In my practice of Buddhism there is no dogma. In my practices as a solitary witch I embrace all forms of spirituality and numerous Goddesses & Gods of different mysteries, paths and religions. I respect their history and stories. I respect their depictions in art.

I only personally worship the whole of the Universe, the spirit of the Great Mother, the one divine that is woven between us and the stuff that stars are made of. This includes both the light and dark sides of all nature. There can be no light without darkness. I value neither more than the other.

Buddhism has no deity but many Bodhisattva’s and Deva’s. My pagan beliefs have many Goddesses & Gods. But there is no Devil in any of my beliefs, no Satan at all. So for Jessica Galbreth to call pagan and occult beliefs Satanic is her ascribing to those narrow-minded beliefs that seek to persecute those who walk a different path.

Jessica Galbreth’s new “Christian” artwork. A male Angel.

I am heartsick about this and shudder to think that this talented woman who embodied the spark of the feminine divine in her artwork has turned her back on her previous art and beliefs and decided rather to close herself off to a wider world and connection with the Universal Love Force to preach exclusionary dogma that puts Satan and demons into beliefs where they do not even exist.

I still love her artwork. She did wonderful Goddesses, Fairies, mythological creatures and now she does Angels. I love Angels and work with them all the time as you know from my selection of Angel spells. My feelings are that Angels do not belong to Christianity that Angels are celestial beings and belong to no religion.

I am sad to see her guilting and shaming her own art and uncomfortable with her darker and more sensual depictions (which were still very tame) and hope that she will come to terms with it no matter what path she walks.

And to just let her know the Goddess will be here, always, awaiting her liberation, ready to welcome her back to love without dogma, without patriarchy, without guilt, shame or any requirements whatsoever that anyone believe in her.

For you see Jessica, she believes in you.

Blessed be.