Witch Cabinet

My Spanish Medieval Witch Cabinet.
Inside my witch cabinet.

This cabinet is huge so I couldn’t fit it all in the frame. There are four drawers at the bottom that I store tarot decks in and altar scarves, supplies, books, music, instruments etc. The two drawers hold candles. On the bottom shelf I have ritual supplies and many spell powders and herb blends. In these baskets I also keep hundreds of stones and crystals. The last basket on the end is where I store mojo bags and spell writing supplies (parchment, dragons blood ink). In the silver box at the end is where I store all my essential oils.

Second shelf are custom blended oils, my small cauldron, more ritual supplies and bottles.

The top shelf are more altar things plus notes, books of shadow (the ones not part of the collection which are kept in the bookcase in my meditation room) and various crafting supplies.

I thought you might like to see where I store everything. If you have questions leave them below in the comments and I will answer.