When you wish upon a Blue Moon

Only two spots left for my Blue Moon Wish Spell and I am taking payments so check it out – I won’t be casting it again until 2015!

One of the testimonials from a previous casting:

“When I got this spell (Blue Moon) I had pretty much given up on just about everything in my life. I figured it couldn’t hurt to use a spell like this so why not? I wrote my wish down just like you said and put the envelope with the wish in a book that was meaningful to me in my bookcase. I never even thought about it again but over the next two years, one by one all the situations in my life began to change for the better. That’s when I thought to myself – hey what a second, wasn’t that like the spell you had done? That wish you made? Sure enough, two years later I read my wish and realized that to the exact letter of what I had written had come true. Nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for everything.” – Jason Ruskin