Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids & Changing Gender

Vampire Bill in True Blood.

I understand that many young people really got into the TWILIGHT series of books. Still others love the TV show True Blood (me included but not so crazy about this season) or any number of films that feature vampires, werewolves and even mermaids. But I will tell you that under no circumstances is there a legitimate spell to turn you into a vampire, werewolf or mermaid. Oh my.

Please stop writing to me and asking about this. I get at least one inquiry per day (sometimes more) asking me if I can turn a person into a mythological creature.

Witchcraft is REAL, even if you don’t believe in it. Just like Newtonian physics is real and people didn’t believe in that at first either. However all magick (as well as science) is based upon natural law. If it does not exist in the natural world it cannot therefore exist in the magickal world. That negates things like people turning into vampires, dragons, mermaids, were-beings etc.

At least half a dozen times a week some poor soul will write to me asking if I can give them a sex change in a spell. That’s right, they think that I can change a person’s gender with a spell. That I can change physical biology that there is already scientific means to use, such as gender reassignment surgery and taken hormones of the opposite sex.

Why on Earth would a human being put themselves through surgery and taking hormones if all they had to do was find a witch who could change their gender with a spell?

Gender reassignment surgery runs about $40K. How much should a witch who could magickally change someones gender charge? Seriously – consider that point. If it could be done – how much would it be worth to someone?

Well don’t worry – it cannot be done. Anyone who says they can is a sure-fire con-artist and charlatan.

I know its difficult to suffer from gender dysphoria and such difficulties can make people desperate. But please remain out of fantasy-land. Changing gender in this world is a medical procedure, not a magickal one.

Its best to remember that magick is about energy – not biology. And not fantasy – so no immortality, living on blood, turning into a wolf, breathing under water etc. Magick can accomplish so much but leave the fantasy as entertainment, it is not reality.