When you wish upon a Blue Moon

Only two spots left for my Blue Moon Wish Spell and I am taking payments so check it out – I won’t be casting it again until 2015!

One of the testimonials from a previous casting:

“When I got this spell (Blue Moon) I had pretty much given up on just about everything in my life. I figured it couldn’t hurt to use a spell like this so why not? I wrote my wish down just like you said and put the envelope with the wish in a book that was meaningful to me in my bookcase. I never even thought about it again but over the next two years, one by one all the situations in my life began to change for the better. That’s when I thought to myself – hey what a second, wasn’t that like the spell you had done? That wish you made? Sure enough, two years later I read my wish and realized that to the exact letter of what I had written had come true. Nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for everything.” – Jason Ruskin

Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids & Changing Gender

Vampire Bill in True Blood.

I understand that many young people really got into the TWILIGHT series of books. Still others love the TV show True Blood (me included but not so crazy about this season) or any number of films that feature vampires, werewolves and even mermaids. But I will tell you that under no circumstances is there a legitimate spell to turn you into a vampire, werewolf or mermaid. Oh my.

Please stop writing to me and asking about this. I get at least one inquiry per day (sometimes more) asking me if I can turn a person into a mythological creature.

Witchcraft is REAL, even if you don’t believe in it. Just like Newtonian physics is real and people didn’t believe in that at first either. However all magick (as well as science) is based upon natural law. If it does not exist in the natural world it cannot therefore exist in the magickal world. That negates things like people turning into vampires, dragons, mermaids, were-beings etc.

At least half a dozen times a week some poor soul will write to me asking if I can give them a sex change in a spell. That’s right, they think that I can change a person’s gender with a spell. That I can change physical biology that there is already scientific means to use, such as gender reassignment surgery and taken hormones of the opposite sex.

Why on Earth would a human being put themselves through surgery and taking hormones if all they had to do was find a witch who could change their gender with a spell?

Gender reassignment surgery runs about $40K. How much should a witch who could magickally change someones gender charge? Seriously – consider that point. If it could be done – how much would it be worth to someone?

Well don’t worry – it cannot be done. Anyone who says they can is a sure-fire con-artist and charlatan.

I know its difficult to suffer from gender dysphoria and such difficulties can make people desperate. But please remain out of fantasy-land. Changing gender in this world is a medical procedure, not a magickal one.

Its best to remember that magick is about energy – not biology. And not fantasy – so no immortality, living on blood, turning into a wolf, breathing under water etc. Magick can accomplish so much but leave the fantasy as entertainment, it is not reality.

Honor Your Agreements

It does not happen often but occasionally a client will agree to a payment plan and then not pay after I have cast the spell for them. This is most disheartening. Also sometimes a potential client will have an agreement to pay on their payment plan but then disappear or not make their payment when promised. I just had something like this happen and the client turned on me simply because I asked if she was going to make her payment so I could know if I should cast her spell this weekend or not.

She became quite nasty when my short question was completely legitimate. Then when I responded to her nasty email she played the victim, like I had done something awful to her after she had insulted my business and me personally as a witch.

She wasted my time and after I had showed her kindness and given her a substantial discount on two spells. I always try to help my clients when I can through payment plans and discounts if they are purchasing multiple spells.

I know it is not easy to trust witches on the internet because there are so many scams and cons out there. But I put everything out front to let you know that I am who I say I am and I am 100 percent accessible through email, Facebook, Twitter, online chat and phone (for emergencies). I’ve kept a blog for many years and I have been online for almost a decade. I am a verified seller through Paypal and also have all my other verified credentials right on the site. There are many photos of me. You can friend me right on Facebook and play Castleville with me for crying out loud! I’m not exactly hiding who I am!

I work very hard to give assurance to all my clients but as I am only one person I cannot spend my life working through a clients own issues with them just to get them to “trust”. It comes down to faith in magick – you must have this in order for magick to work. If you don’t then you are wasting your time and mine by consulting with me.

For those who believe in magick – THEY MAKE MAGICK. I help them. Making magick is my entire life, I’m the wisewoman of old who lives in the little cottage at the end of the lane. Only my little cottage is in suburbia and this is the modern age. But that does not make me any less a witch.

Have honor in your agreements. Especially when it concerns magick.

“Ever mind the Rule of Three, three times what thou givest returns to thee, this lesson well, thou must learn, thee only gets what thou dost earn.”

Witch Cabinet

My Spanish Medieval Witch Cabinet.
Inside my witch cabinet.

This cabinet is huge so I couldn’t fit it all in the frame. There are four drawers at the bottom that I store tarot decks in and altar scarves, supplies, books, music, instruments etc. The two drawers hold candles. On the bottom shelf I have ritual supplies and many spell powders and herb blends. In these baskets I also keep hundreds of stones and crystals. The last basket on the end is where I store mojo bags and spell writing supplies (parchment, dragons blood ink). In the silver box at the end is where I store all my essential oils.

Second shelf are custom blended oils, my small cauldron, more ritual supplies and bottles.

The top shelf are more altar things plus notes, books of shadow (the ones not part of the collection which are kept in the bookcase in my meditation room) and various crafting supplies.

I thought you might like to see where I store everything. If you have questions leave them below in the comments and I will answer.