Believe in love

I still believe in magick. That makes sense, right, since I am a witch. But I am also a human being and sometimes we lose faith, sometimes we lose our way and doubt even out deepest beliefs. My faith in magick has never wavered. My belief in other important values has borne its scars unfortunately.

Love. Four letters with such dastardly consequences.

Trying to explain how much you love someone is fruitless. They will never understand and probably not actually care all that much anyway. Love is deeply personal. It can be labeled by others but never understood what is in your heart. You wish maybe for a moment to share your love but words are cheap and meaningless and in the end you look like you are just trying to justify the unjustifiable.

I’ve had my doubts. And when I doubt I turn to what I know to be true – magick.

I whisper an incantation in the darkness and light a rosewood candle that a dear friend made for me. The scent immediately fills the bedroom and shadows bounce off the walls. I think about love eternal and know that no matter what has happened, no matter how dark in the depths of despair I have been, my love has been like this candle, flickering but still lighting the way.

I am not better because someone loves me. I am better because I have loved them. And in even the glorious failing of that love I still see the light as it fills the spaces of darkness and illuminates my path.

Love will find a way. And so will I.