Spells do not BACKFIRE!

This bears repeating because it is every single day I get an inquiry or email that mentions this. People ask me if their spell will backfire or they insinuate that it might backfire or manifest opposite of what they desire. I have written about it before but I think I need to make it clear to all that only cars backfire not spells!

When you make a request to the Goddess (Universe) using magick (or prayer, ritual etc.) there is no secret Goddess evil twin who intercepts said request and says, haha I will turn your request on its ear and make the exact opposite happen! Considering the effort and focused will and intention put into a spell, the only two possibilities are that the spell will either manifest as you desire and intend or it will not manifest as you desire and intend.

Sometimes it might partially manifest – perhaps you are hoping to get back with your boyfriend. He has’t contacted you in a month. The spell opens the lines of communication between you. So you are now talking again. This gives you the opportunity to work things out. But you are thinking, he’s not rushing back to me so my spell did not manifest according to my desires. The spell will manifest according to what the Goddess (Universe) decides is best for you ultimately. Thus the spell has manifested but not precisely according to your timetable and the way you saw it in your mind. That is why when you have a spell cast you must always be open to what the Universe will offer you.

To me this spell has been realized – any  manifestation is manifestation and is good.

If for some reason a spell does not manifest, this is not through a fault in the spell. Spells work as they are supposed to work, only we do not always know what is best or right for us. Our desires are not always commensurate with our best interests.

I have been casting spells for a long time and have cast thousands upon thousands of them. They do not backfire. Situations may not work in the way we desire them to but the spell will not cause this condition. The spell will only cause what the intention is or it will cause nothing at all. That is the way of magick.

This is not science. It is art. Keep that in mind.