How to have a magickal Beltane

  • This is about the world coming to life again and you will need to celebrate nature in some fashion. Take a long walk in the woods if you are able or at the very least (like I do) relax on the back porch with a friend (Lucy especially likes this – ha!) and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature surrounding you.
  • Buy flowers. If you are feeling especially inspired make a chaplet (wreath of flowers to wear) or a flower chain.
  • Have a feast – bread, cheese and fruit are traditional Beltane foods, so bake a fruit pie or include raisin bread and sweet cheese in your meal. These are foods of abundance. I love to bake bread for this sabbat. I usually make a traditional Scottish Meat pie (meat pasty) for the feast.
  • Make love. You don’t have to frolic in the forest certainly (but why not?) to celebrate this time of fertility and passion. Approach this time and connection with your desired one with wild abandon!
  • Beating the bounds. This custom involves walking around the boundaries of one’s property to invoke protection. In some places, the entire community would walk the boundaries of their village, proceeding deosil (clockwise) around the boundary. This would be an excellent time to walk around your house, yard, apartment building, or just your personal space. You can speak, chant, sing or silently appeal for protection.
  • Petitions for good health. Take ribbons or fabric strips and write requests for healing, then tie them to a tree. Hawthorn, Ash, Thorn and Sycamore are the magickal trees of Beltane, but any tree or shrub will do.
  • May Day morning dew. Long ago, young women would rise very early on May Day and collect the dew from leaves and grass. Washing their faces with dew, perhaps rolling in the dewy grass, was believed to make them beautiful, thereby becoming more attractive to the young fellows. It would be a sweet thing to walk through the morning dew, thinking about the beauty of the day and the love of your life.
  • Build a fire outside. Now is the time to put that fire-pit to use, likely for the last time before the Autumn. Burn some sacred sage or thyme in the fire.
  • Do something creative. I have often used the afternoon on Beltane to craft sacred oils, dry herbs or even craft beaded jewelry. Make use of this powerful energy by putting your mind toward artistic pursuits.
  • Drink mead. To me, any time of celebration is a good time for mead but today especially since the honey-wine is perfect for such spring festivities!
  • Give love to the Earth Mother and the Green Man. Or to whomever and whatever your Higher Power is.

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