13 Ways to Tell a REAL Witch on the Internet

Many people come to me after they have been scammed by  fake spellcasters on the internet. I have addressed this in several postings but wanted to  make a cohesive list for you all so you can check on a potential caster you find on the internet against this criteria.

  1. Psychics do NOT cast spells. If you find someone claiming to be a psychic AND a spellcaster – they are a sham.
  2. Real psychics are extremely rare. Take anyone claiming to have psychic abilities with a grain of salt.
  3. Tarot reading is NOT the same as psychic abilities. That is an “art” and “craft” as opposed to innate “ability”.
  4. A real witch does not hide information from her clients. You can find her real name. You can find her address.
  5. A real witch has many photos of herself, her altars, witchy things, her life in general. If you go to a website where there are no REAL photos (and not just one photo of a person that is probably a stock photo or stolen from somewhere) of the witch, this is not a site or person to be trusted.
  6. A real witch knows that there are no guarantees and thus will not offer them. Spells are not science. There are too many variables.
  7. A real witch does not offer spells to change hair color, eye color, make you taller, bigger body parts etc. Science takes care of these things, spells do not.
  8. A real witch cannot turn you into a vampire, mermaid, werewolf or other mystical mythological creature. OR from a boy into a girl.
  9. A real witch knows magick takes time, they will not offer you instant or fast-acting spells.
  10. A real witch will work alone, it is rare for a coven or group of witches to get involved casting spells. In fact that would just not happen in an online spellcasting situation. It would be too difficult to coordinate.
  11. A real witch will handle ALL the communication with you from start to finish.
  12. A real witch will be Paypal verified. There are some scam operations that are also verified so beware that they meet all other conditions.
  13. A real witch will have a “presence” on the Internet – a long running blog, Twitter, Facebook – and not just phony accounts, where there is no activity. My clients are my Facebook friends. My blog has been online for years. I am always able to be accessed by my clients through email, Facebook, Twitter and my blog.

If you have questions about a so-called spellcaster – please email me. If you find a legitimate REAL witch (even if it is not me) I will be happy that you get the help you need.