When a spell does not manifest

It happens sometimes that a spell will not manifest in the way that you hope or plan on. It may be that it happens differently or not at all and this causes some frustration. There are several important things to consider if your spell is not manifesting the way you expected or hoped.

  • Make sure you give it enough time. If you are ready to throw in the towel after only a few weeks, you are not giving the magick enough time to work. Depending upon your situation, magick works at its own pace. You must give it time. Something may not have come together in the time-frame you expected but then a couple of week or perhaps a month later it does and you’ll think – oh, there it is. I always tell my clients to give any spell at least 3 months.
  • Consider the obstacles that you are addressing within the working. You can cast a spell for prosperity but if you are unemployed you will need to be working toward remedying that. The spell will not deposit money in your bank account for nothing. Spells need you to be pro-active with what you can and will do to help yourself. If a spell is cast that involves the free will of another person you need to accept that there is a “unknown” in the spell, because you cannot know (or plan on) how a person with free will is going to react to a spell or working, or even what their own personal obstacles might be in coming together with you. This is why it is best that if you are casting spells for love that you have confidence that the other person truly has feelings for you (or could if motivated appropriately) because that gives the spell the right energy to work with.
  • Know thyself. This is important too because you might be going after something (or someone) that truly isn’t right or good for you and since spells are esoteric (not scientific) they work with universal energy and power that wants to take care of you and your place in the cosmos. Think of magick as always ultimately doing the “right thing” for you, no matter if you think that is what you want or need. When I cast a spell for you I will direct toward your goals and desires and you will use your focused will and intention to create that end, however the Universe plays a part in guiding you toward what it knows will be right and good for you. Keep this in mind. You have no idea how many spells I have cast for clients who thought they wanted something specific but it turned out the Universe gave them something different and they come back to tell me that ultimately the Universe knew better than they did what was right for them. In this sense often a spell can lead you to a new possibility that you never even thought of.
  • Keep an open mind. Because spells can and will manifest sometimes in unexpected ways you must keep yourself open to whatever happens. Because it is not science there is no way to plan on what your particular manifestation and results will be. I can cast the same spell for ten different people and get ten different results. You are unique and your situations and concerns are too. Keep yourself open to possibilities that could actually be better than anything you ever dreamed.
  • Sometimes it is all about timing. You may love someone but they are not open to love at the same time as you. It may be that there needs to be some time to change the situation, along with the right spell. Situations that go back and forth where you see manifestation and movement but then suddenly it seems to go backwards a bit isĀ dependentĀ upon the unknown. It might take a different spell or simply just a little time for the spell to connect. Be open to using readings to find the right time to cast a spell.
  • I work with my clients until they are satisfied and do everything within my power to help when spells are not manifesting in the way they hoped for or expected. Most clients find their spells manifest within a certain time-frame and have the manifestation they are looking for. In rare cases I will even cast additional spells if needed and do readings and rituals to help clients who run into issues with manifestation. As long as they remain open and willing, no working is abandoned.
  • Know when to let go. This is mostly in the case of love spells, since other spells usually are cast on the client and not another person. Even if a spell manifests somewhat they way you hoped but for some reason you are still not getting exactly what you want, learn to let go of what you desire and be open to something else. It does not mean letting that person go necessarily (though sometimes this might be the best thing for you) but it means change your perspective on the situation and adjust your thinking about things to get better results.

By all means if a spell is NOT manifesting do not wait a year to tell me this! Sometimes I will get an email from an old client a year or two later and they will tell me that their spell didn’t work out they way they had hoped. The energy at that point has well dissipated (unless its a long-acting spell) and I would need to begin again. Understand that in magick we have a sympathetic relationship – you help me to help you.

Ask questions! That’s what I am here for, to help you get the best possible results from your spells. We can make magick together!