The Day after Valentine’s Day

Previously I always had a special Valentine’s Day spell but this year I did not for several reasons: first I feel that the many different love spells I offer cover all the avenues of love and there was no need to add yet another love spell, especially¬†a one day only spell when my other spells are perfectly sufficient. Secondly, I didn’t feel like casting on Valentine’s Day.

I had many wonderful Valentine’s Day’s with my husband Sandy over the course of our marriage. Sandy wasn’t always the greatest gift-giver (especially when we first got married, he would panic and ask my mother what to get me) but then as time went on, he got better at it. For Valentine’s Day it was always jewelry and some of the nicest pieces I’ve ever gotten mostly all from a New Orleans designer named Mignon Faget.

Sandy knew me and knew my taste in jewelry perfectly. Occasionally for other holidays he might get me something from Kirks Folly, Lori Bonn or Robert Lee Morris, but almost always it was Mignon Faget.

Sandy didn’t go in for candy or flowers. He mostly liked to buy me little “I love you” gifts, when I collected vintage Coca-Cola items, Sanrio, San-X (Japanese kawaii stuff) or a CD of music he knew I liked, magazines he knew I liked to read but didn’t subscribe to and books.

Even though I had plenty of Valentines this year (counting all the nice greetings from clients & friends), I thought of Sandy and how perfect our Valentine’s Days together were. I was truly blessed to share my life with him and especially on such a romantic day. There are some people who think Valentine’s Day can never live up to their expectations and now four years after losing him, I know what they mean because it can never live up to the Valentine’s Day’s I’ve already had.

So from here on in the witchy world of my existence, Valentine’s Day will be a witch’s day off.

But Leap Year? I’ll be working that day my dears!