Blessed Yule

This is the spirit of Yule and one I treasure and value. I hope you all enjoy your holidays and have the brightest blessings for the New Year. Today I will be celebrating  Yule in a small ceremony this evening with friends and family as well as casting spells for extra power tonight. This is a wonderful day to cast and hopefully it will be nice and cool this evening for the bonfire and burning of the Yule Log.

I’m making some big changes around the homestead in the coming year, moving altars and doing some redecorating with sacred objects as well as cleaning the house out of tons of witchy clutter (and other kinds too). I’m eager to streamline things and look forward to what the new year will bring.

I also plan on upgrading the sites (which are somewhat overdue) including re-purposing my original site, as I have talked about doing for some months now. There are many good things in store and I hope you will be with me my dearest friends and clients.