All Hallows Eve

Rather then post another description of what fun we witches have on Samhain I thought I’d talk about my plans for the day (& night!)

This has been an incredibly active casting month for me – I’ve been casting nearly every night for the entire month. I took a little break while I was working on some other projects but  for the most part it’s been solid witchiness all month and I’ve loved it.

The weather is appropriately fallish and getting very cool at night which is perfect for the bonfire in the firepit. I use recycled paper (and coffee grounds) logs that burn wonderfully and clean. They also smell very nice. Things can get a little smoky once I start tossing herbs around but that’s part of the experience.

I’ve been doing the same ritual at Samhain now for many years but this year I want to cast some special spells on the day so I will do a shortened version of the ritual then just have a nice feast with my mother. very low-key, quiet, honoring those who have passed on.

I like to get a little wild with my feast, we have ale and I get some catered items from Publix so I don’t have to do anything but put out our party in the living room. I decorate the dining room and set-up all kinds of candles and spooky displays. We don’t have kids trick or treat here so it’s just reflective conversation,  casting and then feasting.