Birthday Party

I’m just hours away from my birthday. Still working too – a witch’s work is never done!

I was thrilled to see many people take advantage of my birthday sale and I will be continuing it into next month. I will also be featuring my new 11-11-11 SPELL upcoming next month which I am so excited about. I cannot believe that this is the second to last spell of this kind I will be casting for the rest of my life. It is blowing me away. I will give you a hint – this is an ANGEL SPELL!

I’m not doing anything too awfully special for my birthday but taking a day off.

Those of you that have been keeping up with my private blog posts know otherwise what has been going on with all that and I will have another update soon.

I will also be discussing the 11-11-11 Spell is much greater detail.

Happy Birthday all my Libra brothers & sisters!