Voodoo to the rescue!

I just added a new voodoo spell to the site called COME TOGETHER.

As with all of my spells, there is a story.

A client of mine has had some really hard luck in love. He’d wanted to get back together with his woman for a while  and there have been a number of starts and stops along that path. He’s a really great guy and she honestly does love him – but there is a complex history between them that somehow keeps them at odds.

He had done some spellwork with another caster before coming to me and he explained where his head was regarding doing additional work. I said let me think about it for a while and see what I can find for you. I asked him how he felt about voodoo and he said that he was open at this point to anything but black magick.

I was doing a number of  loa spells for another client so I was essentially in voodoo mind-set. I found an old “lover returning” voodoo spell and modified it and added a couple of things to it to really get the mojo moving.

I presented it to my client and within days of casting, she had returned to him. It was like it cut through all the garbage that had built up between them and made a solid impact. She told him what she wanted and he contacted me about five days later and told me they were back on – seriously and probably going to move in with each other.

I used the same spell for another client who had similar FAST results too within about a week. Her manifestation was not quite as dramatic since she wasn’t looking for a huge commitment but just wanted to start seeing the guy on a regular basis.

Another client had terrific success within three weeks of casting and asked me if I had a booster for the spell (I will soon). He suggested I offer it on the site and I have done so.

Please check it out if you’ve come to the point where you feel that your luck in love is on the wane. I’m telling you – this is a super spell to get them back or start them up or keep them going.