Independence Day

Tomorrow is the 4th of July but it used to be called Independence Day. I like that better personally since saying the 4th of July doesn’t really say what it’s about. A witch usually keeps her private life private but I’ve opened up a lot in the past year about things so I wanted to share¬† my feelings for this great country of mine.

I am fiercely AMERICAN – I am a patriot in every sense of the word. I may not always agree with what goes on in this country and there certainly are some issues and failings with our government, big business and healthcare, but on the whole I believe this is the greatest country on Earth and we could be even greater if we were more open to the kind of things that some very progressive countries like Sweden, Denmark and Holland do for their citizens. If we studied the best of all the countries on Earth we could find a way to make a better world here for all of us.

I believe that people want the BEST for themselves and their children; that they are inherently good and this can be fostered and capitalized upon to make a better life for everyone. Perhaps that’s a little romantic and idealistic but hey, I’m a witch not a scientist.

I believe in our military and I am proud of the work they do and what they are willing to sacrifice to keep us free. By that same token I think they’ve been gone in the Middle East too long, there have been too many US casualties and they need to come home. War is a business, a big business but its costs are too much for this country to bear. I want our soldiers home. That’s mostly what I am thinking about for this Independence Day.

I’m casting spells tonight and tomorrow and I’m very happy to have those I love to share the holiday with. My brother Ray is working unfortunately but he is just a phone call away. My closest friends keep in touch and I will call my father tomorrow to wish him the best. Many of my views on this country were fostered by him, he taught me a great deal about our founding fathers and has always had a passion for history as has my Civil War History Professor Uncle Glenn, who always encouraged my brother and me to investigate history.

I’m proud to fly the red, white & blue. Don’t even try to tread on me.

Happy Birthday to the United States of America!